Joist hanger question

looking at a custom built house hip roof. whole thing is framed with 2X6 and 2X12. the ridge beam is a 2x12 and the rafters are 2x6. There are no joist hangers anywhere in the attic. there are four nails toe nailed from both sides into the ridge beam. House was built in 1988 in Florida. Original owner insists they werent required.
Appreciate your answers.

Doesn’t that need hurricane…EVERYTHING ??? and as for Hangers? YES - I can’t imagine not needing them in 1988 or any other time in a Floridian environment !

Without consideration to Florida’s wind fastening requirements, it may be adequate.

The 2x12 sounds like a ridge board instead of ridge beam.

What was your concern? Did you see something else (aside from no hangers) awry?

Do you have pictures available?

here is a photo

also, how would you gentleman write this up? This is a hanger under the deck nails went through the wood and bent when they hit the conrete. The nails are holding the hanger in place but they are all bent over?

It would be called very good construction in Missouri. I am happy to see five nails in a 2X6, instead of eight in my area…

It is well done and very solid.

First off, they are the wrong kind of nails. Specifically hardened joist hanger nails are required, not what appears to be galvanized common nails. The joist hanger (Tico) nails are short enough to not be bent over. The bending stretches and weakens the nails.