Joist hanger size

Comments or concerns? Modular home built in 2004. Any help/insight is always appreciated.

I don’t see any problems. Hangers look to be 2/3 size of joists and all holes are nailed.

I’ve toured a factory where modular homes were built. Everything there was top notch. I can’t imagine a modular home factory using a part that wasn’t fully considered by engineers.

At least there are hangers and not just the joists butt nailed through the rim joists with 3-4 3+1/2" nails. I see the latter quite a bit on deck joists.

I would look to make sure the proper nails were used. Joist hanger nails are hot dipped, those nails look rusted.

I agree, not approved fasteners.

I am not saying that the nails used in this picture are proper nails but joist hanger nails do not have to be hot dipped if they are not used on PT lumber.

But the gauge of the nail has to meet the requirement of the manufacturer of the hanger which in most cases is Simpson Strongtie.

These are the approved nail fasteners.

Nails used to attach joist hangers do not have to be galvanized, as shown in Marcels post. But Simpson Strong Brand Tie Joist Hanger Nails are hot Dipped Galvanized or Stainless Steel.

Brian show us some pictures. I’d be suprised to see a deck built (that you can get under) without joist hangers or ledger strip or pressure blocks to hold up the joists that are supporting a live load…:shock:

I’m not Brian, but here are a few I could find quickly. I have dozens more. I find improperly built decks at 75% of homes I inspect, old, new, renovated, cheap, expensive, local building codes, no codes, it doesn’t seem to matter.

Pic. 1 and 2 are same deck they’re '09, camera was set wrong, others are all different.


CC, those are definitley good shots of decks lacking proper connection to the ledger and/ or beam.
thanx, for the pics.

In order to call this a un approved hanger… Did you look at the
engineering plans and all call outs for the building? Some people are fast to say it is wrong but maybe it was engineered that way…