Judge calls for regulation of home inspectors



"Since Sept. 21, my department has not received any complaints about home inspectors. So it’s not an item that was a pressing item"

Seems like a resonable response to a non-issue. When did they appoint chicken Little to the bench in that province?

Does not sound like he belongs to any association .
Be interesting to get a court transcrip of this to learn what we can .
$17,000;00 is not a huge amount

Good find Ray thanks

No doubt another quiet day on the bench. His honour felt compelled to stir the pot. :wink:

Since that article in 2000, has there been any kind of push towards regulation or licensing? Aside from the kids in the “other” sandbox of course.

Hi, Raymond, I was reading this case law in home inspection classes.

I don’t think there has been much more. The GVT seems to still be hands off

as much as possible.

here is the case law:



No there has not been any push towards licencing in Ontario. But be prepeared because that is what OAHI is planning. We in Ontario must remain vigilant because we cannot afford to have OAHI and its Goose stepping management/committees dictate their terms on the rest of us because they cannot and will not follow the rules.

Thanks Raymond

From the link Stephen provided.

[30][FONT=&quot] [/FONT]I also find that Mr. Redekop, a relatively new and inexperienced home inspector, was anxious to please not only Ms Cudmore but also Mr. Fast and his associates. I accept the evidence that real estate brokers often recommend the Home inspection firms, and it stands to reason that inspectors do not want to be known as difficult to deal with.

IMHO this inspector was not trained properly. He says he followed CD & ASHI standards.
These two outfits do not provide enough information on basements and foundations in freezing clays that exist on the prairies and north of 49.
If fact Professional Engineers from outside Alberta have to take additional soils courses before being licensed to practice in this province.
The major mistake he made was providing a cost estimate. Again a lack of training. If he was warned not to provide estimates but did so anyway then he deserve what he got.
Following NACHI’s SOP would have protected the inspector and referred the client to get correct information from a qualified foundation expert.

My 2 cents worth.

If this inspector was trained properly and still made these mistakes government licensing would not have made any difference. ](*,)

I give estimates recently I gave a rough price for repair/replacement of three walls which had bowed in. I gave a rough price of $10K minimum. The price from contractors ranged from $40K-$120K with one contractor who refused to even provide a cost.

BTW I even suggested that the seller obtain further advice from a contractor familiar with this sort of work or the advice of a engineer.

I provide verbal estimates but do not include them in my reports. I always recommend that my clients obtain estimates from quilified contractors.

Do most home inspectors provide estimates on repairs? I give ballparks on foundation cracks for epoxy or foam repairs, but usually try and stay away from the common stuff because prices vary so much between contractors.

Ball park estimation example buried oil tank some where between $4,000;00 and 400,000;00 ++and I tell them I am not joking not a little bit . Inside oil tank from ,200:00 to $4,000:00 ++.
This can be if the tank has leaked or it has no big concerns . Knob and tube I tell them I have heard of some where between $4,000:00 and $34,000:00 depends on size and amount. New furnace $4,000; could be more or less depending on what you get. Exhaust in Kitchen $250:00 to over $750;00 depends on Do it yourself or have a contractor… New shingles simple small home strip and replace $3,500:00 to $6,500:00 get at least 3 estimates .
Verbale only nothing in writing. many clients need to know as some have no ideas of replace or repairs… Cookie