Jump duct used instead of an exhaust fan

Here’s a new one, I wrote up a missing exhaust fan in a laundry room, the builders response was that they were approved by county to use a “jump duct” to release any moisture instead of an exhaust fan.
Doesn’t seam right as the moisture is not drawn out and has to gravity feed or wait for the ac to come out to aid in pushing it out through the jump duct, weird at the least.

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I don’t believe they are required there.

A residential laundry room normally does not require mechanical ventilation because the dryer will exhaust room’s moist air, if any, during its use. If you ran the dryer and room’s exhaust fan at the same time, you’d have 2 fans competing for room air to exhaust. Could be something local, however.


Agree with Simon.


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Yep, that is how I see it, too, Tray.

It was the norm to have them where I was so I documented the absence in new construction (not resale), though I have never seen a codified requirement for it.

Thanks all, 14 yrs now doing this and the education is like golf, you really can’t get too good.

You can always say something like - recommend exhaust fan in laundry room