Just retired

I just put the finishing touch on my Last A/C duct job this morning will be no more for me to old. I removed all of the flex and installed rigid had to cross 15 feet of cathedral ceiling above my living room with one run of 14 inch and two runs of 12 inch duct to get to the opposite end from the furnace plenum Lucky I had a crawl hole on both ends or I would have made one if not. My son calls me the Ben-Gay cowboy because for the last two weeks I have been living on Advil and Ben-gay. Humans were not intended to walk on their knees for 2 weeks;-) Here are some Pics of my attic Just look at all of the fun you guys missed out on:D BTW I used almost 200 feet of duct and still allowing myself room to navigate any future repairs in the attic</IMG></IMG>

Nice work…

If only they were all installed that nicely!!

The Ben-Gay Cowboy! Hmmmm…I wouldn’t tell that to everyone! LOL :slight_smile:

Congrats BGC!!! :slight_smile:

Sweet Charley

The worst part of that job to me would have been the insulating of the ductwork.
My first 2 years in the industry back in the early 70’s was sealing all ductwork joints with asbestos tape and then insulating the ductwork.
I started to shake just thinking about what you had just gotten finished doing.
With your time in the industry, you should know better :slight_smile:

Hi Greg don’t see you on the board much anymore hope all is going well with you and yours.

Funny how insulation bothers some folks never did have much effect on me I can roll in it. Learned years ago how to get it off of your skin.

I learned the hard way a long time ago.
Remember, the old rolls if fiberglass wrap was made up of what they called “long-haired” glass. In hot tight attics (like yours, according to your pics) and cool damp basements or crawls, that stuff would fly if you looked at it wrong, and stuck like glue to sweaty bodies.
As a rookie, I was told by the mechanic that first day to get home and take a hot shower. He said that stuff would wash off much better in hot than a cool shower. I suffered it seems like for a week, broke out in a rash. They had a great chuckle the next day, including my Dad. I eventually got even though. I think about that sometimes, and have to laugh myself.

Nice job Charley!!

I think I would have waited for a slightly cooler time in OK to work in the attic though. :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Did not matter Blaine had 4 tons of cooling from the old system pumping into the attic;-) One should work smart at my age.

Greg the fiberglass that always bother me was the real short cut glass that was used in the 2X4 dropped ceiling tiles that stuff just was terrible no way to get it off of you. Used to work on a building that had fan sections in the dropped area with those type of tiles absolutely hated to change a motor out on those units because I could not stay out of the glass. Itched for days.