Insulated duct work in attics:

I did an inspection on a house with metal pipe ducts in the attic. The outer portion of the insulation was gone and only the yellow fiberglass was left to protect the pipes. How would you right this in your report? As a suggestion to the buyer or a repair to the seller. And how much does repairing/replacing the insulation cost.

Billy…are you sure this was metal ducting? Older style (15+ years or so) flex duct is infamous for the grey outer vinyl wrap to disintegrate and fall off over time but this would have been very obvious. The newer shiny flex duct does not yet exhibit this failure that I know of. If it really is metal ducting then did the home have central A/C? It was also common, at least around here, for Heat only systems to have the yellowish fiberglass insulation only on the ducts. Cooling and energy conservation added the foil backed insulation you were expecting to see. Call a local HVAC company for an estimate on adding foil backed insulation…it won’t be cheap though.

yes it was metal pipe. It looked as if someone had tried to fix it before with some clear shrink wrap of some kind. This clear plastic wrap was brittle to the touch.




Not to criticize but I’ve read and replied to a few of your posts and you seem to want to play agent and get involved in what gets repaired and who pays for what.
Just report the FACTS as you find them and leave the rest to the parties concerned, agents, buyers and sellers.

Life will be sooooooooo much easier this way. :slight_smile:

Unless your state requires you to I wouldn’t get involved in pricing repairs either

I guess it is my integrity that gets in the way. I am working for the client and would not want anything left out if it was the house i was buying.

Those ducts will or will not, depends on client, have to be re-insulated, upgraded to current requirements and recovered with an approved vapor barrier.

Who does or doesn’t pay for this is not the inspectors business.

This has nothing to do with you maintaining integrity.

Did you notify them of the dryer being directly vented to the attic?
Or at least that’s what all that lint/dust looks like. Nevermind you’re in the dustbowl :wink:

I resemble that Oh I mean resent that

Billy what I am seeing in your pic as Mr Boyett so finely pointed out is an original heat only install from way back when. It was very commonly used before we started adding A/C. Just advise your client what is in use and move on. Its not required to upgrade older homes with GFCI’s in order to sell them and it is not required to upgrade the A/C duct either.

Mention to the customer that they should have the duct joints/boot seams sealed before adding the new insulation. Usually not done in homes simply because of cost vs quality or not spec’ed by HVAC designer.