Kansas City consumer needs help with foundation issues.Gary Burr <gburr60@gmail.com>

Gary Burr <gburr60@gmail.com>
4:42 PM (51 minutes ago)

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We have an old 1954 foundation of stacked rocks that they then filled in by hand cement in between the massive size rocks. We also have a front yard full of clay soil. This haas caused a back and forth movement in the foundation which has caused the brick to break (seemingly) all the brick ties which in turn has created a 3 inch gap between the wall and the brick veneer. There is a name for this i think but i can’t seem to find it, do you know? My feeling is i am probably going to have to take it all down and redo the outside walls of the house (probably very expensive? It’s also creaated lots of cracks and breaks in the brick. Does your orginazation have any qualified people to look at this in the Kansas City area???