Kansas City Realtors

Today the Kansas City Board of Realtors sent out their monthly newsletter and one piece that caught my eye was an ARTICLE regarding do they attend a home inspections with the buyer OR let the home inspector and buyer go it alone.

This issue has come up here before from other states and I thought you might enjoy this and see the KC Realtors thoughts on the subject.


Most Realtors in my area do not attend the inspections. I always thought it was kinda strange, especially when they sighted something about attending an inspection makes them liable. I do admit, when a Realtor goes around behind me and tells the buyer that they do not have to worry about that major defect, now that makes them liable. I have caught some clients doing things they should not be doing in a person’s home that is why an agent should be there.

Just one of many reasons an inspector should not have a pass key. The client’s agent should always be at the home during the inspection, IMO. You can always run into a pet on the premisis, no utilities, a locked storm door, etc.

You can always use an agent for verification of an inaccessible area/item, or defect.