Buy Back

Fellow inspectors,

I have been handing out/offering the buy back info on the last few inspections, and the reaction has really been wonderful. Now to be fair, we all have our own beliefs on whether to offer anything besides an inspection. Some inspectors offer warranty programs, some don’t. Thats fine, you are intimately in tune with your own markets and needs. My market loves this kind of stuff. I hope I never have a client use it. I look at this as another tool that I use.

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Do they have to sign the porch consent to be eligible ?

Are your clients aware that it will cost them money, by paying the Realtors Commission, to use?

I’m not using it , trying to figure it out

I’ve never found it to be a great marketing tool.

But when you get a crazy client who wants to blame you for stuff that that’s not your fault, it’s a great way to make them be quiet. Just offer to buy the house back. Suddenly, they’re not mad anymore.

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