Kansas Realtor Pleads Guilty


Another reason to regulate home inspectors - to stop them from doing realtor type stuff.

Ya, it does not look like it helped the Realtors to be regulated.
My girlfriend, who is a Realtor, told me yesterday that Realtors do not dare to rat on other Realtors. I told her that inspectors constanly rat on other inspectors, this is how we keep our profession more pure. I starting to wonder if NAR is really a cult. :wink:

Well sure it didn’t help the consumers the Realtors screwed BUT, if we just had of had licensed home inspectors with a MANDATORY type of E & O insurance everything would have been OK and everyone would live happily everafter.

Chig-ching $$$$

That’s nothing:

The story is much better than this, if it all proves to be true, I’ll tell the whole thing.
My wife’s gotta start carrying a gun.

Last winter (probably December) a similar case showed up in the news 1 time on a Reece & Nichols agent - then died and disappeared.

The realtor was in a Kansas office off state line road. If memory serves me, the assault was of a YOUNG girl.

Apparently another female agent has come forward as well, with similar allegations.

It is sad after the first attack that this Realtor was not removed from KAR. It is apparent as long as you pay your dues to NAR and hold a state license that is all that KAR cares about. Sad, very sad.