Missouri Realtor Accused of Sexual Assault

Once more…a member of the association pushing for a law to protect home buyers from an inspector who might kill their deal…proves how having a license does nothing to protect the public.

Here it is.

*Holy Mollie, this guy was the listing agent for the property that my daughter and son-in-law bought in Blue Springs 4 years ago. Man, thats just plain scary. They should toss the grandfathering on background checks and look at each and everyone one of them. *

We had a realtor a few weeks ago down here that got caught stealing from listed homes and selling the items at a garage sell. Go figure:D

Reminds me of the old joke:

“the shafting you get is nothing like the one you’re going to get” :wink:



You just never know about people. Always be careful in what you do and say. I have done properties that this agent had listed. Only met him once. He drives a Hummer H2 with graphics all over it. The office he is a member of has over 100 realtors. I would have thought someone would have noticed. There are far more complaints against realtors than home inspectors.

If you think that is bad, just look on the last pages on these newsletters http://pr.mo.gov/realestate-newsletters.asp .

James, just posted the Kansas board member announcement on another thread. Maybe I should have started a seperate one. Oh, well. I get a feeling that these members will want some sort of compensation for their time and effort. Kansas has no money to spend. Most states will be short this year. :roll:

James -

I opened the latest one of these newsletters - what is it you wanted us to see??

I talked to an Agent in this guys office. Apparently this whole thing was caused by depression brought on by so many picky home inspections.

Another very valid reason to license / regulate home inspectors.

MY GAWD!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Jim, you Missouri home inspectors have a duty to protect the public from these grossly incompetent, rapist realtors by subjecting all of them to state licensure which is governed by home inspectors and is crafted in the interest of home inspectors, trial lawyers and vendors of services to realtors (primarily test teaching facilities and overpriced seminar providers). :wink:

The Kansas Board has been appointed - Go to Gary Fansworths post on another area. Its real cool. Good Balance.

1 Realtor from KC, 1 Trial Attorney from Wichita (specializing in RE, const, etc), 2 ASHI / KAREI home inspectors (from Wichita & west Kansas) , and 1 guy from Topeka nobody knows that we’re told mostly does environmental inspections and dabbles a little in home inspections (can’t find him on any National Assoc Sites - NACHI, ASHI or NAHI).

I thought HI’s were to belong to a national assoc??? Maybe I’m wrong