Kenton building a new conference table for us...

Check it out! Kenton’s building us a new conference room table that’s going to look like a roof. Here’s the basic frame:

We’ll post more photos as it moves forward.

Glass top so you can see all the woodwork?

Now that’s a conference table for a home inspection association! :smiley:

We thought about it, but I think we have a better idea. You’ll see :slight_smile:

That is one hell of an amazing frame.
Would love to see a little more detail on how those legs are tied in to support the weight.
Mortise and tenon,dowel,or wafer ?

Those hole saw cuts make me think wiring is going to be running under there.

Getting a ridge vent for it now.

That’s what I said, verbatim, when I saw it. Amazing work. I’m sure Kenton will jump on here to talk about how he built it. We will be running wiring underneath so that everyone has easy access to outlets when they’re at the desk.

That is a HIP Table. ;):slight_smile:

Easier display and reading and presentation. :slight_smile:

Yep just got this response through my online report link from yesterdays inspection…

The report looks great. Thanks again Bob!

Used some of Kenton’s tips and paid attention to where I capitalize and pronunciation.
Been using many canned responses that might have seemed off grammatically as of late
and have not seen as many compliments left me wondering why.

Hope you are finding enjoyment in that table construction Kenton.
I used to build all types of experimental furniture and then tear it down with no photo documentation (what a mistake).
Used Memphis style models which I am sure few here have heard of .(Italian)

where’s the fridg?

Oh shoot!

Kenton: scrap it and start over.

just sayin…

One leg at each end is mortised into the 4x4 and thru-bolted with 1/2" carriage bolts. The other legs at each end are face-fastened to the longer leg with 3/8" lags (countersunk). PL Premium construction adhesive used at every joint. When it sets up, it’s stronger than the wood.
We’re going to flip it over on its back tomorrow to paint it and I’ll post some detailed shots of the framing. The framing is part boat, part roof and part table. It’s supposed to look kind of industrial, so it’s not really finish work.

so basically its a hip framed hull table?

Reminded me of a hull on first glance.
Look forward to the pics.

My next large furniture project may be with aircraft cable.
(Think string art)(like I have time)

No idea where you get the energy.

Kenton, you do realize that this HIP is low slope of 2/12 and lower and won’t be able to use standard shingles, right?:mrgreen::wink:


I heard he was going tar and gravel.

I hope it’s going to have some kind of cup holders.

Looks awesome Kenton. Chris, keep the pics coming!