Header or Footer or Knee-er?

Anyone ever seen a Header built this low? If so, what was it for? Thanks

Calls Creek Dr. Watkinsville, Ga. 016.jpg

Calls Creek Dr. Watkinsville, Ga. 016.jpg

Calls Creek Dr. Watkinsville, Ga. 016.jpg

I’ll take a shot!

Built in book/CD/DVD case?

That’s not much of a header without jack studs.

We had to do this for rolling Murphy beds


It certainly appears to be an anchor for something bloody hefty, reminds me of ADA bathroom framing, but looks to be too low for that.

I would have looked at the plans.



Ahh yes, the notorious Marie Antoinette limbo header…

What a great concept!

I’ll remeber that next time, like tomorrow :wink:

There was no builder, carpenters or plans onsite to look at, and it is in the wall between a bedroom or study and what appears to be great room. I actually think it is a carpenters mistake,(doorway framed upside down or misread or mistake on plans) the owner had no clue. The first thing done on this job was the septic tank & lines installation. Here is another view;

Calls Creek Dr. Watkinsville, Ga. 014.jpg

Maybe they built the partion wall on the floor and tipped it so it’s upside down.

That would account for the missing jack studs.

That did enter my mind.

Maybe a fireplace? Looks a little low and would still need jacks.
Most likley upside down wall.

I was leaning towards fireplace too; just some additional strengthening behind the FP, especially if they are going to face it with brick. I find it interesting there are no plans on site. Here, you can get fined for not having a set on the job site at all times. It is usually kept inside a PVC tube under the permits. Here too we have Code Enforcement Officers that tend to show up on job sites.

:slight_smile: Hi. Ken;

To me it looks like they are still framing and a well from not done at all.

The jacks haven’t been installed yet like other openings I see in the second picture and walls that are not up yet.

The headed opening could conceivably be recessed drawer units and the other side would be a closet and built-in wardrobe unit.

All is speculation, the builder is not done framing.

Go back when the builder is there and ask him. Only sure way to find out.

At least the wall is on a joist, but we don’t know if it is a bearing wall, do we?

Take care Ken and when you find out let me know.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

MCHammer is spot on.
The thing that would concern me now would be the septic tank and the latterals.
Some ding dong will probably run over the latteral field with something like a sheetrock delivery truck,
And if the tank,(if plastic) doesn’t have water in it ,it will pop out of the ground in a good rain.


Didn’t you ever see a tank pop out of the ground? We had a 10,000-gallon oil tank pop right through a paved driveway, because the contractor didn’t think he needed the big concrete anchor and hold-down straps that were shown on our drawings. The building was located along the New Jersey shore, a few blocks from the ocean, in an area with a very high water table, and that’s all that was needed to pop the huge tank.

Be not deceived, a concrete tank will float like a boat too. No problem on this jobsite though, it is on the very top of the hill. The lines have already been run over by concrete trucks, loaders, and lumber trucks, don’t know what they were thinking with that one.

You are positively correct Kenneth, concrete tanks will float under the right circumstances.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Look Here for concrete hulls