Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors to rescind FPE Advisory Bulletin

Just to let Kentucky inspectors know I will be asking the Board to rescind the FPE Advisory Bullentin issued in 2007 at tomorrows Board meeting. The reason for this action is that the orginal bulletin was poorly written and failed to provide any legal authority for the such restrictions. At this time no new advisory bulletins are planned about this topic or any other. We pretty much already have a concensus for this action so it should be little discussion about it.

Thanks for mopping up that mess over there Michael. Without you nothing would get done by that Board.

Thanks Nick…but I do not deserve all the credit the present Board members are working hard to help. I could not do it withoput thier support.

As stated in earlier post the Board did rescind the Advisory Bulletin about FPE Panels. Information can be verified on website at .