Kenya Blocks Contact With Obama's Family

They don’t want the family telling people Obama was born in Kenya.
The order came directly from the President of the country.

The president of the U.S. must be a natural born citizen. Obama’s
“record of birth” (not birth certificate) in Hawaii, was handed out to
non-US citizens years ago, as a matter of policy. Obama’s own
family in Kenya say he was not born in U.S.

Do you think this will have any effect on who they inaugurate in January?

Is there still time for McCain/Palin to make a comeback?

Do you think this revelation will have any effect on Obama’s reelection in 2012?

Regardless of what the law says and what can be proved or disproved Obama will be your next president you can count on it.

BTW didn’t we agree that we would post this sh!t in the “Not for Everyone Section”? You just might be facing more red.

Hate knows no time limits, Joe. Hate does not even need to make sense.

Obama has offended many by not taking his seat at the back of the bus and he must pay.

Shut up James. This isn’t about the color of Obama’s skin.

Typical modern day Liberal call everyone else a racist.:roll::roll:

I have accepted Obama as the next president, with no problem. But it does seem interesting that this issue is ignored, in spite of the facts.

As have I John. I hope he leads this country well.

James does not tolerate inquiry of the next president. He pulls out the race card in a vain attempt to discredit those who have any concerns with Mr. Obama.

Stop posting this CRAP John

More than one case regarding this issue has and will be going before the supreme court. It is not a case without compelling argument.

Then find a nice supreme court message board where others are compelled to share their whacy theories.

For eight years we have been subjected to every piece of floating crap that could be laid on George Bush.

Get used to Brian.

And for 8 years we have been subjected to Bush’s crap. :shock:

Well at least this Berg nut is an equal opportunity whack job.

tonight’s listening pleasure brought to you by…mama

Who cares if the president elect lies and breaks the law, no big deal! You have to admit, he is already uniting the nation, the gays and atheist are already calling for his head! :mrgreen: Never mind the unimportant stuff, has anyone ordered their coins or plates yet? :roll:

Oh really, then why isn’t this story being carried by ANY regular news organization?? you can ONLY find it on right wing whack-job and race hate websites.

Get Real Mike.

John, why keep posting this drivel as reality


Is there any people that has never told a lie in their life? i dont think so
So why should they be different . People are people

"Oh really, then why isn’t this story being carried by ANY regular news organization?? you can ONLY find it on right wing whack-job and race hate websites."

Now that’s really funny! You can’t possibly be that thick that you don’t understand who contols the popular media? :roll:

No I’m not, but I am not stupid enough to believe the crap that is posted on psuedo “News” websites either, obviously you are.



You must uninformed about the source of the news, seeing that one of the main law suites,
demanding proof of Obama’s birth place, is from presidential candidate Allen Keys. I doubt
Mr Keys has a race problem with Obama, since he too is black. :mrgreen:

Allen Keys

Here is the story about Mr Key’s law suite. Mr Key’s also writes for Worldnetdaily on a regular basis,
as well as other well known black men. I think your comments might be false accusation of racism,
which a favorite form of slander by the political left.

Plus this story has indeed been reported by the main stream news media. So this story is not just
the idea that someone cooked up, but has had enough argument to cause several cases to go all the
way to the supreme court.

You can look the other way if like, and pretend the questions require no answer.