Kerosene heater staining

Good day all, I did an inspection yesterday on a 15 yr old house where the guy who lived there previous didnt pay his gas bill… The gas was in turn shut off and he used a kerosene heater for heat. Needless to say there was quite a bit of staining on the ceiling and walls :roll: does any one know the ramifications of this aside from just the cosmetic damage. I dont suspect there are any but I have never encountered this before. Thanks in advance

It would depend on the type of kerosene heater was being used.
Some kerosene heaters are designed for home heat and some are designed for temporary heat that should not be used in a home.

Do you have any pictures of what was being used?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Open flame in a confined area reducing available oxygen and increasing carbon monoxide.
Then there is the more obvious fire hazard again due to open flame.

Marcel, I only have pics of the effects of using a kerosene heater to heat the house… nice mess …


Brent, that is awful, the occupants still alive?


This is the true picture of an open flame kerosene heater not burning right due to lack of oxygen or just dirty firing nozzle.


Thanks for the pic.

Marcel :slight_smile:

That was the first question I asked as well “are they still alive?”
the people who called me were right bent on buying the house though and are going through with the sale. For the age of the house (15yrs) it was a disaster!! the report ended up being 55 pages long.

Looks like they did not trim the wick, thus the resulting soot build up. I wish they were illegal, they are so dangerous.