Kid's Fire Safety Hand Out. For members to give to kids who attend the inspection.

Kid’s Fire Safety Hand Outs.

You should all have a pack of these on your inspection vehicle along with a couple boxes of crayons. It keeps your client’s kids busy during the inspection.

Awesome idea!

I have to say, InterNACHI’s Marketing Department does everything First Class. This is a really well-designed piece.

Keeping them from melting in the car from the FL sunshine is another story.

What are the dimensions of this?

Good link.

8.5"x11" when folded, 17"x11" when open.

Nice, InterNACHI Rocks:D

I have been giving out fire prevention coloring books to the kids for 2 years now…helps keep them occupied. Now I have another source when I run out…nice work.

How many pages does it have?


It’s really just a product to have on your truck in case kids show up at the inspection. It’s kind of like our Spanish “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” books. You won’t need them often, but they really leave an impression when you do.