Coming soon: Inspection coloring/activity book... when your clients bring their kids.

About to go to print. Includes home safety games. Crayons not included. Give them out when your clients bring their little kids to the inspection.

ASHI has requested re-print permission to use them as textbooks in their advanced inspection courses ;-).

Sorry, couldn’t help myself :p.

You give crayons to a bored kid at an HI you’re going to be cleaning the drawings off of walls. I see the book as a nice gift to the kid, but I wouldn’t supply the graffiti tools.

How about turning some of the antics on this board into cartoons. The little ones should be entertained for awhile…:wink:

Perhaps “Box Traps” would be a better idea----:smiley:

Simply have them go to the “Not For Everyone” section—already available–:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Dale. the little ones need visual stimulation. reading is soooo old school.

My inspections are not for little kids…

Coloring books are out; Legos are in. My grandson, who is 6, would rather play in my tool box than color any day. Typical future inspector.