Kitchen Exhaust Hoods for Stove

Question I am a contractor as well. Doing a home inspection first time I have not seen an exhaust hood over the cooktop. Realtor told me that in the mountains if the ceilings are vaulted over the cooktop they are not required.

Can someone please tell me if this is true or not as I write this report up. House is 8500 sqft and ceiling is at least 18-20 feet above the cooktop. If it is okay is there something I can reference. Thanks.

:rofl: :laughing: Gotta love realtors!

Well, as a contractor, how did you ensure the work you performed would be approved by the building department?


I would note it on the report. Ventilation removes 2 sources of interior pollution, combustion products and cooking effluent. Let someone else sell the client that it is not needed. YOU report what YOU see. As long as you report what you see, you will be in the clear. Happy inspecting from NC.


Thanks I will. If it was my house I would do exposed vent pipes polished. Thanks I will note that

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Why is that? Is it a ceiling heights etc. If you have info love to know for conversation. I did not do this install just doing the inspections.

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If you are looking for a Building Code reference it is M1503.2.1 Open-top broiler exhaust. The only time an exhaust system is required in Group R construction is if there is an open top broiler unit installed.

If you want to talk about practicality I would always write it up if there was none for the following reasons.

  • They are great from keeping cabinets above the cooktop somewhat grease free.
  • They do help redirect moist air away from cabinets to prevent damage from it as well.
  • It would be nice if it was exhausted to the exterior given some of the cooking smells somewhere else to go.
  • It helps prevent steam from lingering right in a person’s face.
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Electric or gas?