Kitchen Island Cleanout

Does the cleanout have to be located in the kitchen island or is the outside cleanout sufficient?

Preferably in the cabinet.
Canadian plumbing code states…
See pics

Would an Air Admittance Valve be a good substitute for a cleanout?

For new construction in Ontario:

OBC 332/12

7.4.7. Cleanouts Cleanouts for Drainage Systems

(10) A cleanout shall be installed on a trap arm serving a kitchen sink as close as practical to the trap outlet and shall be readily accessible.

No. But a hacksaw works too. Just kidding.

Iland Plumbing.jpg

If the clean out is not accessible from below the floor, it should be made accessible from inside the cabinet. :slight_smile:

Iland Plumbing.jpg

Iland Plumbing.jpg

Iland Plumbing.jpg

We just had a kitchen island installed with only am AAV and no cleanout. I’m wondering if the AAV can be unscrewed to access line for cleaning?

But the drain P-trap assembly could be used also.
Whichever is easier.

If the AAV was correctly installed… no… there would be no easy access to insert a ‘snake’ as the AAV should be mounted as high as possible leaving room for replacement. Keep in mind that the air in the vent pipe, before the AAV, is also part of the venting process, assisting in the event (when, not if) the AAV fails. The longer the vent pipe before the AAV is installed, the better.

Does failure include not opening or permanently being open? Which is the more common issue?

My experiences… stuck open… get the nasty smell in the home. Pretty obvious if you are aware an AAV is present. Many homeowners have no clue. Stuck shut, they tend to cause ‘gurgling’ as the water drains.

Thanks for the clear answer.