Kitchen Range Down Draft Vent

What type duct material is typically used for a stove/ range down draft vent? I recently had one that was connected to a plastic dryer vent duct material in the crawlspace. Don’t think that’s right:roll: Thanks.

What I have seen is a metal close-accordianed type that can be bent to the different angles needed. The big box catalog calls it ‘semi-rigid aluminum vent duct’.

The plastic dryer vent type wouldn’t do well, at all. Course, be cheap to do spring cleaning. Just toss and replace !!

LOL! Thx Linda!


M1503.1 General. Range hoods shall discharge to the outdoors
through a single-wall duct. The duct serving the hood
shall have a smooth interior surface, shall be air tight and shall
be equipped with a backdraft damper. Ducts serving range
hoods shall not terminate in an attic or crawl space or areas
inside the building.

Exception: Where installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s
installation instructions, and where mechanical or
natural ventilation is otherwise provided, listed and labeled
ductless range hoods shall not be required to discharge to
the outdoors.

M1503.2 Duct material. Single-wall ducts serving range
hoods shall be constructed of galvanized steel, stainless steel or

Exception: Ducts for domestic kitchen cooking appliances
equipped with down-draft exhaust systems shall be permitted
to be constructed of schedule 40 PVC pipe provided that
the installation complies with all of the following:

  1. The duct shall be installed under a concrete slab
    poured on grade; and
  2. The underfloor trench in which the duct is installed
    shall be completely backfilledwith sand or gravel; and
  3. The PVC duct shall extend not more than 1 inch (25
    mm) above the indoor concrete floor surface; and
  4. The PVC duct shall extend not more than 1 inch (25
    mm) above grade outside of the building; and
  5. The PVC ducts shall be solvent cemented.