Kitchen Sink Panel

What do think of this panel?

6-4-2007 081.jpg

ridiculous place for a panel but what about the double traps?

Yea, pretty neat. The whole house was a mystery.

That configuration is allowed by the IRC. The UPC prohibits a “common” or “shared” trap-arm.

I thought you run the risk of sucking one trap clean due to a possible vacuum with 2 traps like that.

The two traps are not in series which would be the case IF “double trapped”.
It looks like a directional tee with an internal baffle.
The arrangement shown is fairly common around here.

I wouldn’t want to have to work inside that panel. I hate just changing the water filter cartridge under my sink due to the small amount of room to work.

Wet area.

We gotta get more sparkys to do under kitchen sink faucet replacments.

Perhaps the traps should be run in parallel instead of in series?

ironically it is not considered a wet area at all…but most certainly the work space clearance is well…to say the least…NONE…

Considering some electrical inspectors want local/insight disconnects for wired appliances(dishwasher, garbage disposal, etc), this might have been the only solution making the inspector and home owner happy.

Only thing I would suggest, this can by a fyi in your conversation with the client, change the cover to an ‘outdoor cover’. Cleaning solutions, dirt, etc, can get on the breakers/buses, and foul them up over time. Might as well promote their longevity. An prevents people from accidentally bumping into the breakers.



Good points thomas ( not required but is a good safety enhancement )…ironically if they needed disconnection under that sink like for the dishwasher and disposal and so on…a simple snap switch would have fit the bill for them…lol

UPDATE: wanted to point out…You would hear me cussin probably fitting my fat butt under there to work on that panel…lol…thats my main issue with it…simply no work space clearance to work on it safely…

So are you also pushing for pressure treated sink base cabinets?