KITEC PEX recall/lawsuits

Ran across some KITEC PEX plumbing with brass fittings in a 2004 house yesterday. Found info on it but no definitive result other than some class action suits in several states. Can’t find the official recall notice. Anybody have a source for the recall?

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And some thought poly-B was bad!

Here is what I found on the internet for you,

The Kitec problem has created a serious dilemma for any homeowner. Most plumbers will agree that the only true fix is to re-plumb your entire house. Unless you know without a doubt that your home does not have Kitec plumbing products, then you may be facing an expense much greater than the cost of re-plumbing your house. Thousands of new homes as well as remodels were fitted with Kitec plumbing after it was introduced to the US market around 1995. Because of the number of years that passed before any damages occurred, plumbers often had no idea that they were using a product that could eventually lead to major property damage. It is important that all homeowners get the facts about Kitec and the Kitec Class Action Lawsuit. The best idea is for homeowners is to consult a knowledgeable attorney even if you have not yet suffered damages.

Does not look good!

Tell the client to have a plumber evaluate & quote a price.

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Thanks - I found most of that but was hoping to find the official recall notice from CSPC or the Canadian eq or from the company.

IPEX, the manufacturer issued a recall on all Kitec brass fittings in 2005. There was no government recall issued from the information I have.

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Try this website it will give you all the info you need on Kitec lawsuit

That’s the one we use.