Kitty Door

Is this pet door fire rated? It is installed in a self closing fire door, between house and garage, so it must be.

I write those up as a breach of the fire door. Never get questioned on it.

How do you know the BIG door is fire-resistance rated? If it isn’t, then the kitty door doesn’t need to be rated.

PS: If it’s rated, there will be a UL label on the edge of the door.

I was assuming he already had verified fire rating for the big door.

Come on guys, I’m sure no one would ever install anything but a fire rated door where they are required, let alone install anything but a fire rated kitty door cut into such a fire rated door…got it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why bother with negating a fire door, just train the cat for krist sake.

A cat opens the door - Video

Marcel :):p;):mrgreen:

The big door was fire rated and self closing.

I retract all previous comments and now go with Marcel’s advice.:wink:

The entry into the house from the garage must have a 20-minute-rated fire door—a minimum 1 3/8-inch thick solid wood or steel door. The UBC additionally requires the door to be self-closing and self-latching.

As it is required by most jurisdictions that have adopted the IRC and IBC Wayne.

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And that cat door is a breach in the door. Correct?

Unless it is one of these, which it is rarely encountered.

Pet Ready Exterior Replacement Doors XPD75 Series

[](javascript:newWindow(’/large_image.asp?file=/uploads/images/products/XPD75-MB~~~.gif’, ‘imagePreview’, 450, 786, ‘no’)) Now you can replace your existing door with this Pet-Ready Exterior Door. It is a fire rated and insulated pet door that is engineered and sized to fit industry standard 32" x 80" or 36" x 80" home door case openings.

  • 1 3/4" thick insulated flat steel exterior replacement door
  • 32" x 80" Door measures 31 3/4" x 79 3/4"
  • 36" x 80" Door measures 35 3/4" x 79 3/4"
  • Three Quarter 22" x 48" double pane insulated glass window


  • Doors include a bottom door sweep
  • Doors are primer-coated white
  • The doors are not bored for the door handles or countersunk for door hinges. These should be done at the customer’s home using the existing lock/hinges and door as a template, ensuring the door handles and hinges will be placed correctly when installed.
  • Pet door (flap) available in several size options to accommodate your dog
  • Fire rated and insulated door
  • “Custom Made Easy” design - Your choice of window style and pet door:
  • Clear 1-Lite (Full Glass) Design


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Thanks!! Good information. The door in question is not the type in your information.


I don’t think that door would be approved for use into the garage. It states it is an exterior door and while the door itself may be fire rated, I don’t know of any movable flap that would meet the fire rating necessary.

Overall, I would say the cat would be good stir fried with teriyaki sauce and rice. :wink:

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I didn’t think so either, but it does say it is rated for fire rated doors, dosen’t it?

Whether it is an exterior door or garage door, would not make a difference.

I have never seen one personally, but I am sure it is manufactured to meet the most recent codes somewhere, would you not think.


Overall, I would say the cat would be good stir fried with teriyaki sauce and rice

Has anyone tried this before, kind of an oriental dish isn’t it. :mrgreen:

Marcel :):smiley:

Why would you want your cat hanging out in an attached garage anyways?