Garage fire door question.

The small door from the garage to the house…can it have
a pet door installed?



It physically can.

But it wouldn’t be fire rated any longer. :wink:

Ditto :smiley:

Double ditto.

No glass either. Of course, don’t come to my home. :shock:

It would need to be a fire rated pet door. I used to special order them for people when I worked in Home Depot. This same company makes the pet door also for retro-fit applications.

I thought that garage to house doors had to have a reasonably good seal to prevent fumes entering the house . Would a pet door do this ?

Drew…I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…there’s no such thing. It would appear that the company providing those doors to resellers start with a fire rated door assembly from Masonite Corp and then add the window & pet door. As soon as they modify the fire rated door like that it loses its fire rating. The company appears to be in Dallas and I will call them this week to get a copy of their final product fire rated approval documentation. I’m betting that they will not likely be able to produce it though. Hopefully, they prove me wrong.

I’m not so sure that this door has the correct fire rating. There is a hugh difference between an exterior fire resistance rating and a door to dwelling 20 min fire-rated door. For one the exterior fire-resistance-rated door does allow penetrations where the door to dwelling fire-rated door does not allow penetrations. At least thats the way I read it. Before I recommend it I would double check with the manufacturer.

You must be from Canada…

Must be from Canada…

Must be from Canada…

After talking to a rep at (see Products pg) they agreed that the door lost its fire rating once they installed the pet door or glass window and they would remove that fire-rated claim on their website. Now, are there a slew of others doing the same thing around country?..probably.

Well I’ll be dammed, they have been selling these “Fire Rated” Pet Doors for how long???

Nice work Michael… :smiley:

Good info, Michael.

It seemed with the door modified it was breached…

You might call it a “pet door”–but I call it a “raccoon door”, or a “rabbit door”, or a “squirrel door”, or a…

they can be pets too Jay…of course here we call em targets…

We call 'em dinner.

(Man, I’m livin’ too close to Kentucky–I act like them)

Thanks everybody…

I just caught up with this thread.
You don’t know how many of these doors I have ordered for people in both new units and retrofit units. I would imagine that if one of these doors were to ever fail, the company would have some lawsuit on their hands. So much for fire rated pet doors!:shock: