Kiyosaki: Biggest crash in world history coming in October

I agree, he has been chairman since 2018…thanks for not F***ing this one up.

Yes. He could have named the droll munchkin Yellen as Chair. She wants to tax “unrealized” capital gains.

One of yours? :santa:

I know freedom of religion, right? :mask:

Of 2022? LOL

He is a monster. No more one of mine than one of yours.

Thing about pedophiles, they will use any opportunity to prey on their victims.

The normalization of pedophilia is on the rise from our universities. Very concerning.


Pay Attention, here’s another clue. :mag:


  • Initial jobless claims totaled 199,000 last week, the lowest total since November 1969.
  • Second-quarter GDP growth was revised slightly higher to 2.1%, a bit below estimates.
  • Orders for long-lasting goods fell 0.5% for the month, below the expectation for a small gain.
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Fannie and Freddie will buy mortgages up to $1 million, repeating the mistakes that led to the 2008 crash.

“The Housing Gang Is Getting Back Together for Another Bust - WSJ” The Housing Gang Is Getting Back Together for Another Bust - WSJ

Why would this be flagged?

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You could repost it.
Presumably someone did not like it politically – perhaps the speech was not “free” enough.

@FiveRights: A man who’s a narcissist, a pathological liar, unable to spell or write well, who insults world leaders, commits unpredictable acts, and has autocratic tendencies, who claims Christian values but does not live them… such a person could never be elected as the leader of the world’s leading democratic power. It would be too dangerous. It could not happen, it did not happen. If you think it did, your TV set is tuned to channels wearing the banner of truth and freedom, but offering the opposite.