Knob & Tube Wiring

I would like some guidance with someone with experience here. I never imagined I would receive that many calls for inspections with knob and Tube wiring but apparently central Alabama is full of old houses still utilizing it.

What is the best recommendation for the client in regards to this? And does anyone have any links to articles on the wiring system itself to help me get a better understanding of it?

Thanks for the help.

Go here it might give you some more info .

We have a good bit of K&T here in Baltimore.
It’s pretty basic, test it to see if it’s active or not and report such.

Many insurers will not cover a house with active K&T.

This home has “knob and tube” wiring which was commonly installed prior to 1950. It is ungrounded, and considered unsafe by today’s standards. Over time, the wire’s insulation becomes brittle and falls apart, resulting in exposed conductors and a risk of shock and/or fire. This wiring is also easily damaged by covering it with insulation (a common practice), and incorrectly tapping new wiring into it. Some energized knob and tube wiring was found during the inspection. It is not within the scope of this inspection to determine what percentage of this property’s wiring is of the knob and tube type or to determine what percentage of the knob and tube wiring is energized vs. abandoned. A qualified electrician should evaluate this wiring and make repairs or replace wiring as necessary.


Good narrative Mr. Lewis