Ladder Safety Training Course

(Ben J. Gromicko) #1

This open, public forum thread is dedicated exclusively for those students currently enrolled in the InterNACHI free, online Ladder Safety Training Course.
In this thread, students may:

  • review other students' essays and images;
  • post their own essays and images;
  • ask questions and make comments; and
  • join in the conversation with other students.

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(Chris Walsh, CMI) #2

Going to do a shorter course to relax my brain!!! Just finished the "Inspecting the Exterior" course. Passed the exam with a great mark, but think my brain is going to explode. lol. Was a great course, learned alot. Keep them coming.

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(Oni Shaw) #3

There is a panel in the "Removing the Deadfront" section identified as a "Federal Pacific main panel." Is it not a Zinsco? Still trying to figure out how to identify these things. :) Thanks.

(Ben J. Gromicko) #4

[quote="oshaw, post:3, topic:67567"]

There is a panel in the "Removing the Deadfront" section identified as a "Federal Pacific main panel." Is it not a Zinsco? Still trying to figure out how to identify these things. :) Thanks.

Hi, Oni. We updated that slide of the course

(Darryl G. Warren) #5

Starting this course to learn what I may be missing with ladder safety.

(Chad McCormick) #6

starting my ladder safety course........


Going to start this course

(Regina L. Strickland) #8

Here I go :)

(Philip Apap) #9

ya I hear you..

(Regina L. Strickland) #10

Continuing from last sign in session.

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #11

Ladder safety... Always safety first
Thanks Ben

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #12

This should be EZ.

(James W. Huckaba) #13

Starting course

(Nicholas S. DeMars) #14

Taking this course again as a refresher,

(Joe Lundequam, CRI) #15

Happy to get a refresher on ladder safety.

(Larry W. Morrison, CMI) #16

Just as going to the shooting range on a regular basis refreshes your skills and helps keep you safe, reviewing ladder safety is also a good idea and helps you from becoming complacent… or just doing something stupid or embarrassing…you do not want to wake up on the ground…dead.

(Oscar Womack, Jr.) #17

As required by the course, I’m attaching an image. The picture shows my home 6-foot Werner non-conductive fiberglass step ladder leaning against the free-standing pull-up bar in my garage. [Pull-ups are still the toughest exercise for me to do!] The step ladder has a Type I Duty Rating (250 lbs.). Highest standing level is 3 feet 10 inches which reminds me of that startling statistic about ladder deaths which is that most of them occur from falls of 10 feet or less. That’s sobering.

(Oscar Womack, Jr.) #18

Nick Gromicko and Kenton Shepard pose an interesting question in their article “Ladder Safety.” The question revolves around the necessity to walk a roof in order to provide an effective “general” home inspection. The article concludes that “to perform a home inspection to the Standards of Practice, you are not obligated to walk a roof. You have alternatives.”

I’m wondering, as a male, whether walking or not walking a roof has more to do with “a man being a man” than it does with the actual need to get on the roof. Given that the number of people who have died from falls from ladders has tripled in the last decade (according to the article), I’m more than willing to get the most out of a pair of binoculars if that will serve the “general” home inspection purpose.

(Michelle R. Sanders) #19

Hey Guys!
I’m enjoying this session on ladder safety! I am going to have to practice these techniques though, it’s definitely not like when I was a careless kid playing around on the ladder with my brother and sister. But I think the most important thing in this training is the different types of ladders AND how to choose one that will enable you to do the job safely as well as effectively.

Michelle Sanders

(Michelle R. Sanders) #20

Hi Peeps!
Just looking over the ladders again and I am even more determined to be proactive in my safety than reactive! I fully intend on taking advantage of the item that can be purchased for safety for myself and others I will be working around.