Laminated beam split

Would like some answers on this support beam. Large house, 8 year old house with full basement. I’ll describe the house in thirds, left, right and center as each has it’s own separate support beam. Large gap in support beam on the right side of the home grows in width with the largest gap about an inch wide. Also above this I found some small cracks in the walls around some doors and in the ceilings. Doors and windows did work fine with none sticking. On the left side a smaller gap exists but no cracks were found. No cracks in the center but I was not able to view the support beam because of finished walls/ceilings. I did not find any cracks in the exposed portion of the foundation ether. There is defiantly some movement going on or has gone on. I have not seen a gap like this before and am not sure if this is normal/minor or evidence of something more serious. I am going to recommend a specialist to evaluate further. Any guidance/advice would be appreciated.

Hear are some of the cracks I am seeing.

Is the walls with the diagonal cracks above the doors perpendicular to the main beam? Typically those diagonal cracks point in the direction of the floor sag.

Was it a modularized home built off site and trucked in? I’ve seen them where the masonry was off so they just fudged the sections to the masonry edge leaving a gap between the sections at the beam connection but that doesn’t explain the cracks unless it was a newer crane operator. :slight_smile: Was the beam sagging, as Randy inferred?

Column to beam connections and Insulation needs some help, too. :shock:

Yes, they are. The cracks above the doors are on the 1st and 2nd floor.

I do not know. I only had access to the basement and some of it was finished. I did not have access in the attic. In modular homes, are not those sections of beams bolted together? I did not see any bolts. I did not see any sag in the beam.

Yes, typically, they are mechanically fastened together.

I had not thought of it being a modular home but the detached garage may be a modular. I noted hinged trusses in the detached garage attic.

Could have been a fast and rough haul into the site and a sloppy crane operator. Hard to say from MI.

But, like we say, report what you see and make the referral you deem necessary. :slight_smile:

I did notice what looked like foam insulation, much like pipe insulation, between the split beam. In pic 3 & 4 of my earlier post you can see it. Is this something that would be used in modular construction?

There’s your sign! …or one of them. :wink:

It is hard to see that from here, David, but it appears there is some OSB up in between the gapped beams in pic #3. They need to sheath those walls with something to keep from racking going down the road.

But, like I said, hard to tell from MI.

Post should be secured to the beam with lag screws not nails.

Found out that the home is 60% modular and 40% stick built. I suspect that there may be a problem where the two connect. May be settling at different rates causing the cracks.


I would not have pegged that home to employ modular construction, but then again we don’t have much here in the way of modular homes nor that style. Nice to get to sees something different.

Thanks for the follow-up, David. :slight_smile: