Lanai Railing, Balister Designs

I am dealing with this all the time. My concern is this becomes a ladder for the wee tiks! It has allways been my understading this is not allowed, but our local auth. dosen’t do anything about it. I always write it up as a caution.

Is there a code for it?
Must admit that I feel if they can climb that ,they are old enough to know better.

If it is part of a swimming pool barrier it is wrong for sure.
Pool barriers can not be climbable.

If it doesn’t meet the 4" recommendation, state that it doesn’t. Then state that they are climbable, and this may create a hazardous situation for children.

Balusters are more than the recommended 4" in spacing(but only if they are). This can create a hazardous situation for young children. Recommend upgrade or repiar as a safety precaution. These are also climbable, which can cause other safety hazards with young children. Evaluate your use of the property and repair or replace as needed.

As BK once said… "Needs GFCI protection, how about a poll? :slight_smile: "

One has to be careful about what if scenario’s… do you recommend that child gates be installed at the top of all landings… or that plug protectors be installed on all receptacles… how about a key be within reach of all double cylinder locks… at some point in time it gets a little ridiculous.

This looks like an upper end home of which aesthetics is an important part of the home. What is the distance from the ground to the porch?


I recommend removal of all double cylinder locks as a hazard to all humans.
Drug dealers like them though.

Dann, I think you guys over there are still on the UBC 91 code and there is no mention of the ladder effect until the 2000 IRC. I dont mention that type of railing as a concern as it is such a common feature in our homes here. That appears to be a condo so they could nothing about anyway. As far as pool fencing , there are no required pool barriers in fact in some neighborhoods you have to get approval to put one up.

This is on the second floor. You are right, these are all hign end vacation resorts.

Thanks Mark, You have the same issues as here. These are all over te place. I think I am commenting to do a CYA situation.

Are rich kids smarter the poor ones? lol It just a matter of time this will be address when one rich little kid ether falls or gets hung on one of those. Mention the problem, refer to local authorities if they are concerned move on ( CYA) do not forget the rich have good lawyers

Exactly Wayne. I don’t care if it is a high end condo or a two room shack in a bad part of town. If it could be a safety hazard it gets reported. What my client does with that info is none of my concern.

Just be sure you can back it up with a code or best building practice as sellers have lawyers too. I dont see this as a fall issue as much as a climb up, crawl over and jump off issue and you can’t cya against everything.

I know Mark But you can make them aware there is hazard . You doom either way on this one. You could mention it has for your information only , Not stating any code but awareness .

These are the only stories I’ve heard about with climb over injuries and I think a lock on the liquore cabinet is the best prevention.