Large Foundation Crack

I hired a property inspector to inspect my home and he missed a 1 inch wide foundation crack.
I purchased the home with no knowledge of this foundation crack. After escrow closed I noticed daylight coming through a large foundation crack in the crawl space. The crawl space was approximately 4 feet high in clearance for easy access. I called a few foundation repair companies and conducted a manometer study which indicated the house was settling almost 2 inches from from to back.
The repair estimates were in the $30,000 range. If I would have known of this defect I would have never purchased the home.
My property inspector is refusing to provide his insurance information or compensate me for the repairs.
I wanted to know what recourse do I have?

Why are you asking us? We are home inspectors. Ask your attorney.

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How much did you pay for the inspection?

Afternoon Daniel.
Hope this post finds you well.

I do not know the jurisdiction you are in. You may want to contact a realtor to see if E&O is required.

The property inspector can not refuse to provide his insurance information if he/she has insurance.
Reach out to the listings broker to get advice.

You might have to get legal representation.

Best of luck with all your endeavors.
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Robert Young

The inspector has E and O insurance but will not provide it. Thanks for your response Robert. I may try this.

Hello Simon,
I paid $350 for the property inspection.

How big is the house in sqft and your location? was the inspector INTERNACHI certified?

From here it looks like a decent size crack, can you post a zoomed out 10 feet away from the foundation image of the crack.

You could see daylight through this crack from thr crawlspace that has 4feet of clearance. It would have been easy to see.

Maybe there was obstructions in front of the crack and/or access to the crawlspace at time of inspection, what does the inspection report say? Were you with the inspector during the inspection? Did you follow him/her during the inspection? Did he go in the crawlspace? Many questions, not enough informations.


Says who?
It’s not auto insurance.

The insured contacts the carrier, not the claimant.

I am surprised everyone is making excuses for the inspector. Shame on you.

It is not our responsibility to deflect obvious structural defects or become arbitrators.
What does the cost of the home inspection have anything to do with this purported structural defect.

The OP is asking for advice.
I give every client my insurance providers name, contact person and poste number.

Daniel did the inspector enter the crawl space?
You should have been forwarded a SOP. Standard of Practice that will include what the inspector inspects and any Limitations therein.

If the inspector has E&O, and I say if, likely the insurer will have a claims intercept procese, not to be confused with Claims Intercept TM.

I am not giving legal advice nor am I an attorney.
As a prospective plaintiff, I would send the proposed defendant an email explaining the inspector has 7 days to put forth whom is his insurance provider or he/she will be personally responsible for any monetary losses include attorney legal fees to find out whom it is.
I would also contact the association to report that the inspector is breaking his/her ESOP, ethical standards of Practice or COE Code of Ethics.
At the bottom write: All said without prejustice.

Question like this do not often arise. When they do, either avoid the thread or act professional by giving advice.

Yes he was Internachi certified.

House is 1600sft.
San Luis Obispo County.

There were no obstructions. He went into the crawlspace. I wish I would have followed him under the house. It is a large crawlspace about 4 to 5 feet in height.

California Trade practice act ( Chapter 338 ) enacted in 1996.

Read your PIA or Property Inspection Agreement.

Invite the inspector to return to the property to see/observe the purported issue. There should be a maximum time line to which you have to contact the inspector to report issues. If you passed that time line, you are treading water.

You can also see if he is part of the InterNACHI We’ll Buy Your Home Back program.

InterNACHI is the largest home inspection free trades organization. A leader in the home inspection industry.
Nick Gromicko founder at InterNACHI makes things right!
Remember, we are not perfect, but we must act professionally.

Wishing you all the best.
Robert Young

Danial. Sorry to say but not much to see on the exterior from that image. Just being honest.
Ask the inspector to return. Listen with respect.

Thank you Robert. I have emailed and called him multiple times to provide his E&O insurance info and he has failed to provide it. He speaks to me only through an attorney in Philadelphia which is very strange since the house is in California. The guy clearly has no ethics. He has another bad review on Angies List.from someone else. He is a member of your organization and he is based in Santa Maria, Ca.