New home foundation crack

Hello all I am in the middle of purchasing a new home and I noticed a large can fit fingers in crack in the foundation wall the attached photo taken from inside the attached garage on the foundation wall the stairs are to the house through the garage. Does anyone have an opinion on the matter is this something to very concerned about?

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another photo

What did your home inspector have to say about it?
You did hire a home inspector before making the purchase, right?


The home is in escrow right now and the inspection is not for another month but I do have to release finance conditions tomorrow

Where are you located? Maybe we can point you in the direction of an great inspector to answer your questions.


Edmonton Alberta, Just FYI this in an attached garage on the wall entering the house.

No issue as far as I can see from Ontario


Poor workmanship but nothing serious that I can see from N. MI.

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What’s on the other side of the crack? porch? Basement? Grade? Does it go through to the other side?

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the other side is basement wall. I have asked to have the poly and insulation removed so I can look but have not got a response.

Hi Douglas, Just out of curosity how did you determine no issue? Is it the location? the way its cracked?


Hi Larry, wondering how you came to that conclusion? is it based on the location or the way the crack is?


Based ONLY on that statement, and assuming the exact opposite of that area is the home and not the exterior (ie. porch, deck), I would seal up any holes to prevent insect, rodent, and air/fumes/carbon monoxide migration to the home.

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And not with Flex seal, like shown in the pic.

Agree with Jonas… based on what you are saying doesn’t seem like a huge issue… have the builder seal it with injected epoxy and monitor…

That’s what can happen when the crack goes through to the outside… (ignore the pic of my dog)

Dog pic is the best part :grinning:


Parge coat cracks are very typical. Crack is above grade and will never leak. I used to comment that this situation is very common and cosmetic.
You asked, I answered, you can take any steps you like.

Hello Trevor ,
If the driveway is to the left of the stairs, then the crack is caused from frost heave of the attached garage. Garages are built on grade beams an do not usually have piles under the footings they will frost heave if there is water getting under the corners or the front edge due to no caulking between the slab and the Driveway. Down spouts are usually located at the corners and are usually not directed far enough from the building. If the picture is of the front wall of the garage and an there is a garage wall to the left same issue.