large gap between the slab and garage?

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There is a large gap between the garage slab and the apron. The driveway does have a steep pitch away from the garage. Is this the reason for the gap?

Why is the concrete notched out for the brick molding?

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You state “steep pitch”. Concrete is heavy. Rain water can get into the crack, and under cement slab. There should be stone under the cement slab for drainage. Eventually “gravity” takes over.

Not sure where you are located.

It get’s cold here in Wisconsin. Cement sidewalks and driveway’s heave up and down. Proper subgrade is important. Last fall had a commercial site that concrete walks were poured. Next day the entrance doors would not open fully. The contractor had to come out and grind down concrete so doors would open. This spring the concrete was removed. The subgrade re-done, and new cement laid. Subgrade was not done correctly the first time. Contractor was in a hurry.

The brick mold in your picture. The structure most probably was built and then the slab was poured. Now you have gravity sliding the slab on your steep slope. You have a hole for water to sit and wick into brick mold, (if it’s wood), and eventually will rot.

The apron for the garage door is called a saddle.
The saddle is part or the foundation. I have seen them installed in 2 fasions when I reapir them.
Interlocked ( laid on top.) saddling the foundation. Or formed with the foundation.
It might just be the backer rod and expansion seam caulk is old and in need of replacing.

I would like to see photos at several zooms and angles please. It is hard to call any deficiency or defect from a closeup.
The other parts to the system in play can contribute to the defect.
Suspect: Driveway expansion control joint seals are worn and need replacing .
Recommend a licensed water sealing company or cement company do repairs.
Repairs can be done after an evaluation by a licensed cement driveway install.
1 method of repair, if the base has droped. SlabJacking.
Injection of cement to lift and resettle the slab
" 3 step repair. to arrest or slow down degrading of the slab base.
1: To install screening into the void and compact by any means necessary to form a solid base and fill void. fill to 2" inches from the top of the slab
2: Foam backer rod slightly thicker than the void or crack be placed inside the seam leaving a 1/4 - 1/2 inch jap from the slabs grade…
3 Caulk with cement expansion joint caulk.