Largest event in the inspection industry each year is online again: December 12, 2022


Can’t wait should be fun as always thanks Nick.


Thank you for the invite


Always lots of fun and give-aways.

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Looking forward to attending my first of many. :christmas_tree:

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Looking forward to my second NACHI Xmas party! I’m extremely appreciative of the last gift I won :slight_smile:

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Truck loads going out this year.

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Well if that isn’t a sure ‘tell’ about the state of the industry!
I can’t recall the last one I’ve spent more than 15 minutes at. Been years.
This year will be a Commercial Property about 40 miles away.
Yup, gonna be another great Christmas!

Some of the industry’s vendors have also donated prizes for inspectors to win at the party, such as free tickets to hands-on training classes nationwide, inspection tools, reporting software, website design services, social media packages, gift cards, and more.

Shout out to Inspector Outlet for donating our grand prize— a FLIR E8-XT Infrared Camera with Wifi ($3,399 value)!

Take a sneak peek of vendor-donated prizes: Gifts Donated by Industry Vendors for InterNACHI's Online 2022 Christmas Party!

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Perhaps consider making it a Raffle @ $1.00 each ticket (MAX 20 tickets per MEMBER) so ALL members have a shot at winning the prize…, not just those stuck at home not working!

EDIT: Forgot to mention… Proceeds of the Raffle could go to the ‘Coats For Kids’ program.


Good idea. Maybe another year. It’s an all-day event and often runs into the night.

Shout out to Inspector Outlet for donating another grand prize— a Well Inspection Pump Flow Gauge ($649.00 Value)! :partying_face:


Can’t wait.

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Thank you for invite, what time does it start?

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The party is starting now! Visit the Cozy Coats for Kids® forum thread!

Is the system down? I cannot locate.

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Apparently they mean 9:00 Cowboy Standard Time.

I am logged in, but when I click on the Cozy Kids link it keeps bringing me back here.

I can not find the link or anything for the Christmas party

We’re posting prizes on the Cozy Coats for Kids forum now thread. Visit:

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