The largest event in the industry is our online Christmas Party. It all starts....

The largest event in the inspection industry is InterNACHI’s online Christmas Party. Nearly 4,000 inspectors attend each year. Last year, InterNACHI shipped out close to $50,000.00 in gifts to inspectors.

This year the Christmas Party will be held on the Cozy Coats for Kids Facebook page at Cozy Coats for Kids - Home | Facebook .

If you are an industry vendor and would like to donate something to give away at the party, email Nick at

Festivities start on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018. Be there!

More about Cozy Coats for Kids: About Cozy Coats for Kids – Cozy Coats for Kids


I would imagine that would really help in the SEO process for your charities website.

Inspection on the 18th, unless they cancel! :slight_smile:

I believe most of us agreed on the Saturday 22nd , but Oh Well!

You guys need to think about all the InterNACHI people who have to be there the whole time. I am pretty certain they enjoy their weekends NOT working. It has always been during the week for as long as I have known about it :slight_smile:

Enjoy! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Merry Christmas!

I hope this Slow message board is working better than it has been the last few weeks.

It’s not being held on this message board.

Woo Hoo! On my Birthday! YEAH BABY! Maybe I can get a special Birthday Win!

2018 Christmas Advice and Etiquette - InterNACHI

Merry Christmas!

I do not do the facebook thingy so I think I’m out

2018 Online Christmas Party: Advice and Etiquette

Welcome to InterNACHI’s Annual Online Christmas Party… the biggest event of the year for the inspection industry!

Here’s some information about this year’s event, and how you can help it go smoothly:

  1. This year, our Online Christmas Party is being hosted by Cozy Coats for Kids, a registered charity funded almost solely by the inspection industry. The party is being held on the Cozy Coats for Kids Facebook page at Cozy Coats for Kids - Home | Facebook

  2. I too do not do face book .

I already gave a quite generous donation for coats.

So I guess we’re both out…
I don’t cry over spilt milk

I am going to pass on this years “party” also. I belong to several FB inspector groups, though it has been quite a while since I visited any of them. Too hard to keep up and find post and there is just as much arguing and criticizing as there is here.

I have a feeling this years party is going to be a nightmare. It’s crazy enough here with multiple sections to post in. Doing this on One FB page may be tough. Good luck to all.

I donated to Crazy Coats either earlier this year OR last year. Sounded like a very good place to donate $$$ to.

All starts pretty soon.

Then it will be as messed up as a wooden watch!
I hate doing facebook!