Leach Pond Information

I have never inspected a leach pond although I have done a few dye tests on standard septic systems with a leach feild. I have a home Inspection with a leach pond I have to inspect monday. I told the customer I will look into how to inspect the pond.

The following is my understanding of the system. There is a traditional septic tank (1000 gallon?) but from there the effluent flows to a chlorination tank (located next to a pond) and after chlorination, the effluent enters the pond.

How would you test this kind of system to see if it working correctly. I am assuming a dye test would tell me if there is a leak in the system and if the discharge makes it to the pond. Although I don’t know if all the cat-tail will turn red from the dye. Any Suggestions Ideas? please educate me.


Ricky, you may want to reconsider inspecting this until such time when you have been educated sufficiently. A few bits of info on a message board aren’t enough.

What happens to the test if the house hasn’t been used in a while water-wise, for instance.

But, here is some info: http://inspect-ny.com/septic/septtext.htm

Larry thanks for the heads up…I know that site well…but I could find what I was looking for there…I explained to the customer I knew nothing about them…and if we couldn’t figure it out I wouldn’t do it.
From the vast knowledge base here I thought someone could help!

Leach Pond? or you talking about a lagoon?

I think they are one in the same. They job is done anyway! thank for the thoughts guys.

Youall sure talk funny in New York.