Septic Dye Testing Release Form

Does anyone have a septic dye test release form for the client to sign before septic dye testing is conducted releasing the inspector from possible future legal actions?

If so could I see a copy and potentially edit/use this form.

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No, but if I were you I would get one from the owner of the house also since that antiquated process can ruin a septic system. The banks dreamed up that test a long time ago.

I completely agree that it is basically a sham… I just need some coverage and I’m sure with the many inspectors out there still doing these tests… someone has a nice, legal contract that they use before testing.

Bruce, why do you think the dye can ruin a system, just curious.

John, you have mail.


I did not say the dye can ruin a system but said the process could.
I thought a dye test involved running a whole lot of water into the system.
A system may work fine for 1-3 occupants, then an inspector floods it with a dye test, then 5 occupants move in and have a failure. It can also create issues with the same number of occupants. Worst case would be a marginal system, lots of recent rain and then a dye flood test.

Septic systems need rest periods, even faulty toilets can ruin one.

Sorry, I read your post wrong.
Actually your statements are incorrect and no disrespect but if a systems fails during the load test it means the system needs to be replaced. The load test doesn’t fail systems.

Load tests should only be done with other analysis of the system too. To do a proper septic inspection you must dig up the EDA to see if any flooding has occurred or whether it’s saturated. It’s also important to dig up the treatment tank and D-Box. By examining the outlet laterals you can determine if the system has flooded or not. Staining of the laterals and the covers will remain, also staining of the septic stones will be present.

I do agree though that just a load test alone is not a proper inspection of the septic system.

I should also say that septic inspections are like home inspections in that they can fail at any time, just like a water heater or a roof.
But if you have the proper training and documents to CYA you’ll be OK.

It’s not for everyone but fortunately I have been involved with septic systems for many years, first as a general contractor and then as a home inspector.

NH also has a very good training program for septic evaluators.

If the system is working right, the laterals will completely recover after a few months.

I agree.

Then why do it? You know before you get in the driveway that you will disclaim the system and recommend a test by a septic specialist. It’s a worthless test. A sham indeed. Why cheat your clients? Why not tell them the truth about the reliability of these tests?

A septic system can only be properly evaluated by 1) uncovering, pumping, and inspecting the tank, and 2) probing/evaluating the absorption area.

A dye test will only draw a line between 2 points…the location the dye is introduced into the system and the location of any outbreak. It can help to link a suspected wet spot in the yard to the septic system, but that’s about it. It is foolhardy to attempt to offer any sort of report on the overall condition of a septic system with just a dye test.

I know this is an old post but I’m going to bump it up and ask the same question, “Do you guys have a form that you use for dye testing?”

Unfortunately here in PA, a loan through the VA or similar requires a dye test and no matter how much we say otherwise they don’t care and require it anyways.

Thanks in advance!