Leak Narrative

If the interior ceilings have no stains, IR shows everything is dry and all accessible / visible areas of the attic and roof appear ok, that would point to no leak activity. But since nobody can guarantee a roof will not leak after the inspection, I’d like to know what wording you use to convey that the inspection is not a guarantee that the roof does not leak. Thanks

There is none that is perfect, I have some text that’s included in my roof section I can send you if you want; whatever you report or write will likely be ignored when the roof leaks anyway.

You simply can’t deflect away every possible future outcome.


From the InterNACHI Narrative Library

[Roof leakage disclaimer]]I do not certify roofs as leakproof! The general home inspection is a visual inspection designed to reflect the visual condition of the home at the time of the inspection. It will not provide a warranty or guaranty of future conditions. For a variety of reasons, there may be no evidence of existing roof leaks at the time of the inspection. For a roof certification, you should contact a qualified specialist who provides this service.

Better pick your words a little better.

Thanks Kenton, that’s a great narrative. Should we include a part about the fact that it might not have rained in weeks, months… and that previous leaks might be dry and won’t show until we do get a lot of rain.

Yes, this pretty much bare minimum, but that’s one of the reasons that leaks might not be apparent at the inspection.

This can be outlined in your inspection agreement. as to the fact that you can only provide comments on what is seen at the time of inspection.

Thank everyone. Exactly what I was looking for. Another reason to be part of this great organization.

Is it recommended to add this narrative to the inspection agreement or simply as a disclaimer to the roofing section. I get the feeling that changing the inspection agreement can cause more trouble than it is worth.

How about this narrative:

Notice: The report is an opinion of the general quality and condition of the roof. The Inspector cannot, and does not, offer an opinion of warranty as to whether the roof has leaked in the past, leaks now, or may leak in the 
future. This report is issued in consideration of the foregoing disclaimer.

Would you add anything?