Legacy V Reporting Software

Does anyone use this software or know anything about it? The cost of this software is within my budget but wanted to know a little more about it

We originally designed the Legacy Series to be a cost-effective replacement for pre-printed inspection reports. The original Legacy reports also worked on a wide variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Xenix, Linux, etc).

The Legacy Series, now in its 10th year, still works well as electronic forms-based alternatives to paper reports. The series has evolved into a cross-over report system. It is still forms-based but it also has some of the more useful features of a computer-based report such as digital photo and photo annotation support.

Legacy V is the flagship of the Legacy Series. It is still one of our most popular reports. Most of our customers eventually move up to our higher-end report software but we have several thousand users who continue to use the Legacy Series reports. They often tell us that they like its simple straight forward design and they see no need for anything more complex.

We recently released Legacy V version 10, the latest cross-platform version in the Legacy Series. The new Legacy V is a nice balance between the popular forms-based reports and the newer computerized reports.

Legacy V has many of the features of its big brother, XL Pro Legacy (Windows only) at less than half the price. You can learn more about Legacy V and download a demo from our website: http://www.bestinspectors.net/Legacy/home.htm