Legal help, Joe Ferry

A warning to all home inspectors that have home inspection insurance, as soon as you get wind of a claim you absolutely must contact your insurance carrier that day. When you sign up for your insurance, in the contract buried in all the writing, it states you must contact your insurance company right away otherwise you are not covered. I ran into this problem here in New Jersey or actually now we call it Sue jersey. My insurance company, for a couple of different reasons left me holding the bag or the full cost of the lawsuit. As you can imagine I was really sweating out this lawsuit even though it was based on something that was clearly written in the report, but you never know what can happen when insurance companies and hungry plaintiff lawyers get involved. So I was at the point where I had to hire my own attorney so I called Joe Ferry because I had heard of his reputation. Well I have to tell you from the very first phone call to Joe Ferry’s office I was incredibly impressed with Joe and Brandon. They looked at my claim from a home inspectors point only, not from the point of protecting the insurance company or just disclaiming a claim due to some technical red tape. So from the Friday morning I found out I wasn’t covered to talking to Joe late in the afternoon, for the first time in months I actually felt very confident and upbeat about my position in this lawsuit. I was looking very forward to working with Joe Ferry and Brandon. I was looking very forward to reading Joe‘s answers to the plaintiffs suit and looking even more forward to being in court with him watching him do his thing. Well to make a long story short, later that same Friday night due to some evidence that was found, my original insurance company decided to cover me after all. So I emailed Joe and Brandon, I thanked them for their time and I figured that was it. To my surprise they answered my email, told me they were happy for me and I actually got a phone call from Joe ferry himself, and I must tell you he was as happy as I was about me being covered under my insurance company even though he would not be paid anything, but that did not matter to him he was genuinely just as happy as I was.
Although I have been a member of NACHI for many many years and I believe it’s the best home inspector organization in the United States, I don’t normally go on any forums however I felt this had to be said about a top notch home inspectors attorney JOE FERRY.
Sincerely Ron.