Watch the new show with Attorney Joe Ferry.

I attended Joe’s seminar in November and agree with the folks on the video…money well spent!! Attend if you can. I really like the new intervention offering he described on the video as I would rather have Joe on my side in the event of a lawsuit than just about anyone.

Hi Joe , I just want to comment on your seminar, I thought the information you passed on to all in attendence , plus all it input from the home inspectors . Made this a very interesting and insight full seminar. I would recomend this to all who have not taken it as of yet!

          Peter L. Waeger
            New England 
   Accurate Home Inspection

The cost is inexpensive. The information is invaluable. You have to attend just for the new approach to handling unmeritorious claims. If that doesn’t interest you, the food was great and the dancing girls were gorgeous.

Joe Milovitz
Aggressive Inspections

Went to Joe’s seminar in New Jersey, came out with some valuable information and made important changes in my inspection agreement that protects me and will save me a lot of time and headaches in the future. I’m also glad that I have someone to call for help who understands the inspection business.

Jason Chang
Jersey Inspections LLC

I went to Joe’s seminar in Westlake, Ohio. It is must for all inspectors. Well worth the money and time.

Mike McColgan
Home Diagnostic

Go here for his seminar dates make sure to mention you are a NACHI member .
I expect to take it in June at Syracuse New York .
Thanks for the reports .

Me and my son will be attending Ferry’s class in Houston TX on April 24th.

Anyone from this area coming too?

I attended Joe’s class in Dallas. It was informative and realistic. I recommend attending the class. Joe explains how many unfair claims can be handled with an effective letter from an attorney.

John Cahill

Hi Joe,

I attended your seminar last year in Dallas and am really glad I did. You present just the “need to know” info without all the legal mumbo jumbo, which I really liked. If I ever have a need for an attorney to represent me in an inspection matter, you are the man I will call.

Thank You!

I attended Joe’s seminar in New Jersey. I found the information on managing expectations to be invaluable. His seminar is a must for any inspector that wants to stay out of trouble. Joe is a great asset for anyone in the home inspection business.

For all of you out there that worry about getting sued ( or ever had a thought about it ) I strongly recommend you get to Joe Ferry’s seminar. Pam & I have been to it and found his information very helpful. Your able to sit down w/ Joe and ask questions( he’s easy to talk to and has most of the answers ) and talk to other inspectors. Quite frankly I am shocked that his seminars don’t have a waiting line out the door. Unless you also have a legal background I would give it a try.

I went to a Joe Ferry seminar reluctantly, coaxed by a good friend and mentor I spent the money and attended. I learned a lot more about contracts and how to avoid law suits they I ever could have imagined. I added 3 more clauses to my present contract to make it tighter and harder to get sued. I had one prospective client call me after reading my contract complaining that he would not be able to sue me if he signed this agreement. I suggested he hire another home inspector. I don’t think I wanted him for a client.
You can pay Joe for the seminar now or the lawyer to defend you later.:smiley:
Thanks again Joe.


I want to thank you for putting together a great seminar. The information learned has been valuable and useful in managing my clients expectaions as well as limiting my exposure to frivolous lawsuits. Your information has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own Inspection Agreement and it’s indivdual elements.

The seminar was not dry or boring. I appreciated the chance to ask you questions and learn from your experience. Thanks also being available by telephone when I needed to ask questions about joining the NACHI insurance program over a year ago.

Having someone with your expertise and common sense on the home inspectors side is an invaluable asset. Great Seminar. I would highly recommend that my fellow home inspectors attend.

Thanks again Joe,

Steve West
Settlers Home Inspections
Medford, New Jersey

Joe’s presentation of managing the clients expectations is vital to reducing the chance of lawsuits.Protect your business & attend this timely seminar.
Scout Home Inspection
Michael Buttacavoli

I have attended Joe’s seminar in New Jersey. I have known Joe for about 5 years. He is very accessible, always returns calls, and truly understands the home inspection industry. He has saved me thousands of dollars in insurance deductibles by resolving legal issues before they become costly and time consuming insurance claims. The information he provides at his seminars on managing risks invaluable. He is an important voice for us with insurance carriers and a great asset for anyone in the home inspection business. This is a seminar you can’t afford to miss!!!

Thanks Joe

Norman Rathborne

Foresight Engineering

Flemington, NJ

Hi Everyone,

I can’t stress enough, it’s not IF, it’s WHEN! Some people just don’t get it. I had a client that waited untill 9 months to follow up on recommendations to get professional follow up on issues I discovered in my inspection and they were included in my report. They bought the condo unit anyway and waited to get the work done. Well the problems were grteater than what was visible (that is why I said get follow up) and they wanted me to pay for all the repairs they had to do (because they didn’t follow my advice). Joe followed up my report with a letter backing me up and that I followed all SOP of the State guidelines. That is why they call them “Frivolous”. I also attended Joe’s seminar and got more information to help me to prevent this from happening again. People are always going to try to get someone else to pay for their mistakes, I won’t let them get me to do it. I highly recommend this seminar for everyone!

Brian K. Tilton
The Building Inspector of Cape Cod

Went to Joe’s Jersey seminar.Well worth the time to attend.If you don’t learn something from this,you were not listening.A very valuable asset to your business.

Mike Bugge

Record Home Inspections

Hasbrouck Heights,N.J. 07604

I attended Joe’s seminar and no question it was well worth the time and money (for once).

Dave Saulnier

I attended Joe’s seminar and found the information very usefull. I am changing my disclaimers form based on the information covered in the seminar. I really appreciate the method Joe will apply when handling claims. All too often insurance carriers just want to get the claim out of the way. Joe’s approach will not be a role over but a challenge to the issue put forth in the client’s demand letter. Evaluation of what the inspector did, basing a response on those efforts and explaining to the claimant what was done under what standards will stop a lot of unwarranted claim settlement. Take the seminar, we in Texas don’t cotton to yankee lawyers, but Joe is welcome back anytime!!!