Legal Issues for the Home Inspector course coming to a city near you in 2007.

I thought this couldn’t be done due to different laws in different states. That’s what you told me when you cancelled Joe’s presentation to the Atlanta chapter this past October.
What has changed and when will we get Joe to come to Atlanta?

Earl - I will be in Atlanta on March 15, 2007 and Savannah on March 16, 2007.

Here is my complete schedule for the first quarter of 2007:

January 12 - Harrisburg, PA

January 13 - Pittsburgh, PA

January 19 - Albany, NY

January 20 - Boston, MA

January 26 - Richmond, VA

January 27 - Baltimore, MD

February 2 - Jacksonville, FL

February 3 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

February 9 - Naples, FL

February 10 - Tampa, FL

February 16 - Palm Springs, CA

February 17 - San Diego, CA

February 23 - Tallahassee, FL

February 24 - Pensacola, FL

March 2 - Scranton, PA

March 3 - Hartford, CT

March 9 - Dallas, TX

March 10 - San Antonio, TX

March 15 - Atlanta, GA

March 16 - Savannah, GA

March 23 - Memphis, TN

March 24 - Nashville, TN

March 30 - Binghamton, NY

March 31 - Tarrytown, NY

All of the venues are Marriott Courtyards that feature free parking and are easily accessible to major highways.

Please see new schedule here:

This course is approved for 4 CEU by NACHI. It has also been approved for four (4) ASHI® Membership Renewal Credits.

Hi Joe!

I would like your to present this course to our State Chapter.

Me too, Joe.

Let me know (e-mail?) and I can hook you up with my lawyer, who is very well versed with the Illinois law. We learn, you learn and everyone benefits.

Great job!

Joe F,

I see you’re coming to Boston soon. Your course may be approved by NACHI, but not by the State of Massachusetts.

I’d like to assist you in becoming an approved educator in Massachusetts before you come to Boston.

This course would not be approved by the Ma. HI board unless you get them to approve your course description. It can be very easy. If you’re interested please contact me.

Now THIS is what NACHI is all about. One member looking out for another and for the association as a whole.

Kudos, to you David! I saw how you helped Joe Farsetta!
Keep up the good work.

David -
Yes I would love to be approved by Massachussetts. I’m already approved by NACHI and ASHI so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Email me at


The website says you will be in Boston on Feb 3rd, but here you say Fort Lauderdale? I am based in New York, but will more than likely be in Fort Lauderdale on February 3. Does the content differ from state to state?


The schedule has changed. As Joe already mentioned is the new update.


I’m simply stating that…if you are presenting a course for HI’s in Massachusetts and the course is not approved by the Ma. HI Board, you won’t get many takers.

If anyone can point me to a website that explains the procedure for getting a course approved for CE in Massachussetts, I will be grateful.

So, Consigliere, with no Marriot in CDA or Spokane, we get left out?


Sorry I didn’t return your call yesterday, I’ve been very busy. Give me a time and date to call you to chat about Mass. CE provider regulations.

There is no website that’ll explain the submittal procedures. You simply submit your course by mail or meet me here on a board meeting date (with your course description in writing) and I’ll escort you right to the meeting.

If you would like to do everything by phone and mail, here is the information you need.

Division of Professional Licensure
Board of Home Inspectors
**Paula King, Associate Director
**239 Causeway Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 727-4459

I’m appearing before the board on February 14, 2007.


Would you like me to meet you in Boston on that date?