Legal use of TREC logo?

Is it possible to use the TREC logo to indicate the inspector’s comment is endorsed by the Texas Real Estate Commission? Just stirring thoughts.


Several issues with doing that if it was even allowed by TREC.

  • TREC would not endorse specific wording for a defect. We should keep in mind that TREC are the masters of obfuscation! What might be acceptable to one TREC staffer reviewing the report might not be acceptable to another. :wink:
  • Even though it is not specifically spelled out in the requirements to report you may fall astray of TREC if you did not use the logo for any item required to be reported on. Refer back to the obfuscation comment above and the recent penalty against an Inspector that failed to call out the AC Delta-T reading as out of range for acceptable. :wink:
  • If for some reason your PDF generation function/software did not render the logo during the conversion you might miss its absence during a final review and thus render the report inconsistent. If the report was reviewed by TREC for any reason you might be penalized for missing it. :wink:

I understand the purpose of the thread and hopefully the purpose of my answers are clear. ;-):wink: