TREC contradiction?

This topic is scheduled for the next TREC inspector advisory committee. Open the PDF to discover the conflict.

So … A question to ponder and float to TREC Legal would be:

“When was the change made to the current TREC Template and why were we not informed of the change?”


“How can TREC just arbitrarily change the template without proper presentation, discussion, comment time and a published date of the new template being required?”

Of course those are all rhetorical questions so I guess it is a mute point!!

Another, less than transparent move by TREC Legal that gives them opportunity to levy more fines.

The form date is 2015. The form approved by the Commisioners in the 2015 package does not have the logo. Minutes and package are on the internet.

Everyone should write Sunset and ask for reduced regulation. Let inspectors use their choice of Standard of trade association (Internachi), defer most enforcement to civil courts, drastically reduce micromanaged the ducation. Times are changing for real estate sales and inspectors need to be free to innovate to meet client needs with out excessive regulatory oversight.


Have you heard anything about what might have been said and possibly put into motion at the meeting yesterday?

I found the Agenda Item #11 at the 1:39:55 point in the video of the meeting.

What a basic circus those meetings are.

The TREC logo on the report template was done about a year ago and they (TREC) did not follow their own procedure of submitting the proposed changes to the committees for review and discussions, etc., etc… BUT … do you think anyone from TREC took responsbility?

Here is the URL for the video of the meeting.

I’ve listened (yet again) to the audio from the TREC meeting and they will be supplying language to the Commission for consideration to allow the inspector (that is us) the option of using or removing the TREC-branded logo they they (TREC) arbitrarily put in the template about a year ago as part of their “branding”.

So … “technically” every report that we are currently producing is in violation of the TREC Rules unless that TREC-branded logo is not present in our report forms.

Until such time as the process evolves, gets approved and put into effect … we are producing reports that can be used in submitting fines against each of us.

Just food for thought folks …

It is way past time to get away from TREC …


I had a lengthy conversation with TREC Legal this afternoon (Wednesday - 07/18/18) about the TREC-Branding Logo that is now on the “official” TREC 7-5 Template from TREC’s website.

Verbiage is “in process” to be presented to the TREC Commission this fall about making the logo an “optional” choice by the inspector. It will have to go through the TREC process of presentation, review, etc., etc. and (possibly) final approval.

Nobody has seen the verbiage that will be presented to the Commission, but hopefully it will be somewhat simplistic. (I won’t hold my breath).

The TREC Legal staff in charge of enforcement said that not having the TREC Branding Logo is a ‘low priority’ … FOR NOW!! Take the time to listen to the meeting audio/video.

So … at the present time … we are “required” to have the TREC Branding Logo on our reports and if we don’t we can be subject to fines from TREC … albeit … it is a “low priority” … HAH !! It is revenue in TREC’s checkbook when the fine us for “anything”.

I strongly suggest that y’all do what you think is right for your business.

FWIW … I"ve now put the “official” TREC Branding Logo in my inspection report template and am hopeful that I can remove it later this year, but I’m not taking any chances with these people.

now that all the logo masturbation has commenced
the only ? is what size pixel/font dimension is acceptable
inquiring minds want to know & how does this better serve the public

now that all the logo masturbation has commenced
the only ? is what size pixel/font dimension is acceptable
inquiring minds want to know
how does any of this better protect & serve the public

So does TREC consider me to be their serf/flunky to spend my time to incorporate THEIR logo into MY report template so that I can be an unpaid advertiser for the bureaucracy that I am forced to fund? I want to hear the argument that their spending of my time and resources in this manner is for the benefit of the public and in some way protects the public from unscrupulous or incompetent home inspectors. It’s silly assed, bureaucratic vanity at the expense of home inspectors.

This is the kind of crap that should get them sunset.


I’ve attached the official logo from TREC. You would have to resize it to fit your reports Title Page space, but it has to be in the location noted on the PDF posted at the TREC site.

All in all … I’m hopeful it will become a mute point, but not until it all gets presented to the Commission at their fall meeting. Sucks that something caused by TREC is now being pushed through the approved process as they (TREC) didn’t follow the process to begin with.



Why, of course … we are at their beck and call and if we violate their rules (even the mistakes they cause themselves) we can possibly be fined for such.

I seriously doubt it will happen, but I’m just anally retentive about following the rules as best I can.

I think that TREC may a fugitive organization from some northeastern state. They seem very unTexas like to me.


Any input in view of what transpired (or did not) at the meeting?

I’ve done my share of shaking the trees and am pretty sure I got at least one IAC member a bit perturbed, but standing up for what is right is important.

I am using the form without the logo. It is the last officially approved form. If TREC changes the form to use the logo then I will add the logo. The logo addition was not made in an approved manner. IMO it is not a violation to omit it. The intent of 535.45 30 years ago was to avoid giving the appearance to the public that the inspection is an official state document.

535.45 Certain uses of Seal, Logo, or Name Prohibited
A license holder, certificate holder, registrant or provider may not use all or part of the seal, logo, or name of the Commission or another governmental agency in a manner that implies that the person:
is a governmental agency;
is endorsed by the Commission or other agency other than as a license holder, certificate holder, registrant, or provider; or
holds a special status that the Commission or other agency has not granted.

In my opinion, the TREC logo clearly appears to be an endorsement or approval of the inspection.

The most important part of the meeting is at 11.20. Mr. Oldmixon explains Sunset with emphasis on simplifying the Rules. 11.20 to 12.15. Just hope the inspector committee gets the hint.

The addition of a Rule to define “Client” goes forward. If you track the meetings, the proposal was specifically created to stop Nick Gromicko and Porch regarding their free listing inspection idea. I wrote to TREC General Counsel (cc commissioners) and explained their actions might be an FTC violation. General Counsel replied shocked that I would suggest TREC is violating FTC rules. I contend making Rules to suppress commerce and innovation is frowned upon by the FTC. I am waiting to see what happens. There are a few ways this can happen and I think InterNACHI will be able to proceed no matter what TREC does.