Lest we Forget

Belleville Armouries. Lest we Forget!

…This is a very good video which is perfect for November 11th Hope you watch it.

…The attached You Tube video is of Ginny McIlmoyle. The song was written by a local writer and a production company saw …Ginny perform it on a show in Warkworth and got everyone together to do this video. Please pass on to your email friends…it
…is a great song and video shot in Belleville at the Armories with footage from repatriations at Trenton .


Thanks Roy
Canadians Often go where they are needed without questions and do it with pride and honor. Thank them all for me


Remembrance Day 2014: How Canadians Remember
Check out photos and videos from across the country as you tell us #HowIRemember

Great weather today Very nice Remberance day turn out for a small town .
We even had some USA soldiers in attendance well done much appreciated .
I guess they are stationed at Trenton or up here on course.
Here are a few pictures I took the first one is my daughter Gidget and Brian Harvey her husband 36 years service RCAF and still counting then Char and Roy .

I’m from the military and was also born on November 11! I have the utmost respect and admiration for those brave men and women who defend our freedom every day! And to those in our country who object to our doing this, there is no one retaining you here!

Thanks Roy for the wise words!



Nov 11 is always a very sad day for me ,So many have died for our countries so we can live a good life .

Thanks for Gilles your service and all other service personal a big thanks too.

I fly an armed service flag all the time .