To our fallen soldiers!

I was sent this today , thought some of you would like to see it. It is footage of the repatriation of the 4 soldiers killed a couple weeks ago. God Bless Them!

It’s a shame that the audio has been disabled. I have the original with audio that was sent to me a few weeks back if anybody wants to view it either post here or email me at

Song only-Brothers in Arms

The song was copied from another witout the rights so I understand that, I think the pictures say enough.

The one I have is the official version or the original if you want to call it that. The one on you tube is a copy that has been altered. It was originally a powerpoint presentation with music. The song is God Bless Canada written by Lee Greenwood.

Jerry you have email. Michael I would send you a copy but I don’t have your email.

That’s OK.

Here is to the LINK to the PPT

That’s the one. I still haven’t figured out how to post links to powerpoints. I wanted to add this to my website. So is the song that people are saying is copied?

Here’s is a working video Link.

I love Lee Greenwood.

Of course the words are a bit different when he sings God Bless the USA down here:-)

Thanks I have been looking for this for a couple of weeks. Your the man!!!

When you relpy to a post, write some text, select it and then click the the world icon with a chain link on it.

A window will pop up to paste your link into.

Just remember to clear the http:// popup text before pasting or you can leave it and type you link in by hand after the http://

Thanks Michael for the help for the video and link info. The video has been added to the web site.

Gerry, I got the original with the God Bless America knockoff and it was fantastic, but I just wanted to spread at least the photos of the Highway of Heroes procession. I witnessed one of the processions a few months back and it was very moving. These soldiers are much braver than me, I can admit that and they deserve all the recognition they get.