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Re: Secret Letter

Has anyone sent this letter to the inspector that has the name in this letter you got??
Why should they it is obviously not a letter that could have been in a news paper.

I have never seen a news article that has high lighted sections all over it posted by the news paper.
Now the one I got in the mail was slightly high lighted and the one posted at a web site has many high lighted sections on it .
Now if you do a google search for an article and it comes up from the news paper it looks normal .
Now I tried a google search for this letter and can not find it .
Now if you go to web site that the letter leads you to it is not in Northern Ontario it is in I think California.
Strange how this article is now in the USA and it has many high lights on it . IT looks to me like they are trying to make some one or some Organization look bad.
Now one of the Copies was mailed from Belleville.
Another Copy was Mailed from Toronto.
Now we have a person who is posting on the Canadian section who is trying to make NACHI look bad .
The name used is (bugmenot ) He has also posted considearable times last year .
Much information was posted last year to make NICK& NACHI look Bad. Many of his posts this year talks about what he posted last year. Most people have no idea what he is talking about .
He keeps bringing up the Nachi Canadian Executives who left NACHI .
He also talks about OAHI Information from over ten years ago. How could he know that unless he was a member of OAHI ten years ago. He also states he is not a member of OAHI.
There is much more if you want to read it your self .
Now the second letter was mailed from Toronto. There also was a person who lived in Toronto who posted many many times on the NACHI site to try and Make Nick & NACHI look bad.
This person continued his posts on The NACHI board so many times an always trying to make NICK NACHI and the members look bad .
He was finally removed from the NACHI BB ( One of very few ever removed ).
This did not stop him he carried on using an alias to get onto the NACHI site to get information that he posted on Bill Mullen’s private BB.using one of two names Yahoo! Slurp Spider or MSNBot Spider .
He continued to post information he new to be false on the Canuk BB about NICK and his court case in the USA , this came up frequently and many more things he lifted from the NACHI BB example the 12 year old home inspector ,
This he did more then once .
He yesterday lifted a post that was made on the NACHI BB about a lady being called a bitch by me and posted this on the CANUK BB.
Now there was considerable letter sent out last year by these two people trying to make me and others look bad . Now it looks like they are doing it again with a doctored news article to try and make another Home Inspector look bad .
Both these people are far from an asset to the home inspection industry they are trouble makes who will stoop very low to try and achieve their goal. I have considerable more inforation to back up my statements and will use it if necessary.

I think the two trouble makers are AND I will stand up in Court and have evidence to back up my statements </IMG></IMG>

Gil Strachan and Dave Bottoms.

I sure hope that you are incorrect about Gil. I don’t know Mr. Bottoms but I was impressed with Gil during the days of the Eastern Ontario Group. ( I was less than impressed with his lieutenant) I really hope that he has not been reduced to this childish foolishness. I thought that he was better than that.

Actually this would be public information that is contained in the news article as there are court records, which are public information.


This guy has no “BALLS” you need them to make a statement or statements and stand by them.Whoever it is this person should really get a life.

Just trying to keep up with you. Is this the post you are referring to?

Yesterday, 7:49 AM

Wow, you’re really the tough guy with the ladies. Wendy does have a point. Her post shows just how easy it is for anyone to cheat their way into a CMI, making the designation somewhat worthless.
Best of luck finding the culprit who posted that letter. :roll: Oh, yeah, you’ve stopped trying and are now simply focused on pinning it on someone you happen to not like. Coincidentially, didn’t you tell Wendy “you are nothing in my openion but a vindictive Bitch and just go after any one who challenges you.” Sounds more like you than her, actually.

You are quite the profesional, Roy. Between you fudging your CMI and attacking women online, and Ray’s lying, I don’t know which of you is worse. I only thank god you two have nothing to do with my association.


I think that if we could get the government to intervene, we might be able to resolve this.

I think a government controlled licensing board that would ensure that all persons writing letters have a minimum of two fully descended testicles in their scrotum would protect consumers from the activities of those described, above.


Good Idea!:mrgreen:

Bugger me not…

Sorry but the member in the secret letter is also a member of Oahi. So much for Oahi screening out the garbage!

Lets see Oahi has also let in the likes of you and your possy. It has also let in habitual liars, and it has let people in who claimed to be Professonal Engineers who were not. Oahi also has members who utter threats, tell lies, and others who are in continual denial such as yourself.

They have let other thieves in to like the former Treasurer who absconded with $60K!

Your apology is accepted.


Nice try coward! Whats the deal about hiding behind a false name? No confidence, shy, inward, something to hide, perhaps a criminal record?

Why don’t you post something interesting or something with substance, like documents. You talk alot but have very little substance.

I am loser and I realize that now.
B. Menot “Dave”

Bugger me not…

Thank you again for assiting in exposing the truths about OAHI-CAHPI, I know through your private emails that you are not entirely happy with the goings on in OAHI-CAHPI and your dissatisfaction in your treatment by OAHI-CAHPI. Rest assured that when you were caught with your hands in the cookie jar, it was only a suggestion out of concern that you should seek help with your problem. Have you received the help you desperately require yet? I hope so for the sake of your family and your inspection business you are under treatment. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Laugh out loud…
I apologize, now lets move on. :wink:


90% of OAHI members use this line “REGARDS” can you please explain this to me?

From what I hear and see the above statement that you just twisted to suit you is also a requirement of OAHI you must be able to bull**** your way around everything.I bet your eyes are brown.

You must be a CMI. For anyone with even the slightest bit of intelligence, it is plain to see I was having some fun at Ray’s expense. Maybe you should contact someone with half a brain and get them to explain it to you. :wink:


Yep. I hear OAHI has copyrighted “regards” so you better get written permission before using it again. :roll:
They try and claim intellectual property rights too, but there is no intellect to be had at OAHI! :slight_smile:


Lack of response as to color of eyes…I’m thinking they are brown:mrgreen:



You’ll have to excuse the poor soul posting under Bugmenot. I have yet to read anything entertaining or intelligent for that matter. Lots of empty talk but short on scrupples and isn’t well read. It just goes to show the extent OAHI members will go to to try and make themselves look/sound clever.

Avoiding the question again,now I’m covinced that they are brown!