Letter for Sellers (Radon)

Hey guys I am getting ready to add radon measurement service to my business. I am looking for a good letter to leave (or have sign if present) the sellers indicating do’s and do not’s during the test. Also, something plainly indicating that if there is tampering they may have to pay for a second test.

If anyone is willing to share their letter or verbiage I would greatly indebted. My email is flatironhi@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance

Flatiron Home Inspections
Thornton, CO

Billy Boerner had one a while back. I like the part where He tells the occupants that the testing devices are not radioactive. I agree with him concerning the swamp cooler, but doubt that many people would know what a swamp cooler is. A search of Billy’s posts and “swamp cooler” should get you there.

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Radon Test in Progress notice