How long is a home inspector liable for an inspection. Is there a cap?

30 days is what my contract reads.

If your state requires a license the liability period may be longer. Check with your state licensing board and if home inspectors are licensed in your state you should find some good information there.

Agree. Here in Indiana the home inspector can be liable for up to 2 years after the day of the home inspection. Check with the contract and if there is a state law.

Note: State law wins over what is written in a contract. So if the law says 1 or 2 years, even if the contract is written for a 60 day liability, the courts are likely to go with the 1 or 2 years.

If you are a person that had a home inspection (I’m assuming you are), I would talk to your home inspector first before looking at taking any legal action. If you’re a home inspector, don’t ignore your client. I personally feel that once the lawyers get involved, it’s a lose/lose situation for everyone but the lawyers.

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That actual question is painted with a very broad brush!!! If you are a home inspector then you should probably know this by now. So narrow the gap a bit! Are you talking about complete failure of something, everything, or you have not found anything yet but are looking?