Licensed Alberta Inspector Demonstrates How to ...

inspect a crawlspacewithout getting his pants dirty.:smiley:

Licensing solves nothing.

Any law, rule, or regulation is instigated by the person, associations, governments, corporations etc. for the benefit of only themselves.

Licensing will only allow for soft, basic reports, and that is what RE agents want. It only is a basic, minimum requirement. Not only that, it moves any liability from any part of any real estate issue onto the home inspector.

Mike Holmes now must be licensed, insured, and abide by the rules. Using any scope like that instead of your own eyes is asking for trouble, and litigation.

You guys better write up every loose door knob, exposed nail, peeling wall paper, and loose wire that you can find. I can now see 8 hour home inspections, eh?

Absolutely. You can see who the carpetbaggers were behind the law by reading all of the things that it requires wannabe inspectors to spend their money on in order to get a license.

Frivolous lawsuits motivated by misinformed homeowners watching reruns of that goofy contractor with the earring will also put guys out of business when their insurance carriers drop them.

This is hilarious. I wonder if it is going to spread to other areas.

Look at this brand new licensed method of inspecting a crawlspace. LOL. “Protecting the consumer” now equates to “protecting the knees of our trousers”.

Now would be a great time to bump their inspection fee’s to begin at $2495.00 USD!

Instigated is right,is it a coincidence that one of the requirements is the carson dunlop course specifically through SAIT, that has been a CAHPI membership requirement for ever, the bottom line is,all CAHPI members have the Carson Dunlop course , CAHPI is in all the way, Internachi guys are out unless they upgrade to CMI, all this to do the same job.I have been in this province long enough, and self employed, to predict how expensive it is going to be to operate as an HI in Alberta, I spent the last 23 years dotting every i and crossing every tee,that is if I wasnt signing a waver for one thing or the other, then one day you wake up and cant afford the E&0 Insurance, government control. they can ruin this business just like the Unions ruined the construction industry, better make sure you are incorporated as well, if things go like they did in RES construction you better get your WCB ,even if you think you are exempt, PS, I am venting more about the past than the present,the rules and regulations in new home construction for a contractor made me hate it, and I am feeling like here we go again, thanks.